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Gacha Heroes: Western myth-based idle RPG is now available as early access on Android

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Gacha Heroes, an idle RPG inspired by western mythology, was just released on the Google Play beta track as an early access game by Loongcheer game. The game has stylized art features and a hidden profound story and will be published globally (except in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/Vietnam/Haiti).

As the story goes, Odin paid the price of his right eye for the chance to look into the future by drinking from The Fountain of Wisdom, crossing through the foggy woodland to visit the prophet Mimir. When he saw it, he realized that the gods’ reign over the world and skies was coming to an end.

Odin established Valhalla, the hall of heroes, in order to find a method to escape the fate that awaited him. He enlisted the help of innumerable valiant warriors and provided them with food, drink, and intensive training. As he awaited Ragnarok to strike the planet, he fought those who were a threat to him.

Enjoy stylized art features and with bright in-game aesthetics

Gacha Heroes is an idle RPG game with a fresh western cartoon style and novel castle design. The portrait of the heroes in the game is delicate and cartoonish. Furthermore, the design of floating islands leads you to the mysterious western myth.

Gacha Heroes beta early access
Image via Loongcheer

Gacha Heroes is an idle game in the true sense of the term. Many idle games demand players to stay online for long periods of time, whereas Gacha just requires 10-30 minutes every day. This game gives a pleasant and relaxing gaming experience rather than a heated and competitive environment. As a result, the game provides a plethora of game resources.

Gacha Heroes beta early access
Image via Loongcheer

This isn’t to say that the game’s mechanics are simple. Instead, there are various PVE and PVP gameplay, such as gates of void and world boss, that are both exciting and simple to play. Global arena battles allow you to compete against other players from around the world and climb the world rankings. Start a thrilling trip in Expedition, take on the boss in Ghostdom, or go on an expedition on Island to gather abundant resources. There are various gaming modes to discover as well.

Players can experience the rich gameplay of Gacha Heroes

There are already over 100 Heroes in the game as Gacha Heroes enter early access, along with six camps and four vocations, each with its own set of constraints. With a vast number of heroes, you’ll never get bored. Each hero has a unique set of abilities, ranging from one to four. If you’ve ever played a game like this, you’ll know that cultivating heroes isn’t easy. The cultivation mechanism of Gacha Heroes is extremely cost-effective, and raising heroes is a breeze.

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