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Genshin Impact Fontaine Leaks: Characters, wind gliders, symbols and more

Leaks regarding the upcoming region in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in the industry right now, and there is a lot of hype surrounding its updates. Genshin Impact adds entire nations to its continent-sized world with each numbered update. Version 2.0 added Inazuma and the 3.0 Update has added Sumeru to Teyvat, which initially launched with only Mondstadt and Liyue. Another nation is about to be added to Teyvat called Fontaine. This article will go over some of the leaks about Fontaine in Genshin Impact that has been revealed at the time of writing.

Fontaine will be the nation of Hydro and will be ruled by the Goddess of Justice, Focalor. While Genshin Impact is only in Version 3.3 and Version 4.0 is several months away, leaks about Fontaine have already started to surface on the internet.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Leaks: Character lineup

This is a lineup of all the Fontain characters that have become playable. Out of the ten characters revealed, only two are male, which has been revealed.

It seems like the characters will be divided into two factions. Out of all of them, Lynette and Lyney had been teased a long time ago in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Trailer. Focalor, the Hydro Archon is a member of the same faction as Lynette and Lyney, meanwhile, almost none of the characters from the other faction can be identified at the moment.

Hydro Archon of Fontaine

The Hydro Archon predictably has blue and white aesthetics. She is going to be the most sought-after character from Fontaine. Her weapon type is leaked to be a sword, but her role in a team is unknown at the moment. Prior to Focalor, the only two sword-wielding Hydro characters were Xinqiu, Kamisato Ayato, and Nilou, all of whom excel at their respective roles. There is no doubt that Focalor would also be a top-tier character that every player would want to obtain.

Chief Justice of Fontaine

Fontaine is the land of Justice and the Hydro Archon is the Goddess of Justice, so there is no surprise that another major character is also related to the concept of Justice. This is not the official model of Nevilette, rather just an approximate sketch, but according to the leaker, it is very close to the real one.

Lyney and Lynette

Just like Inazuma’s Kamisato Ayaka and Sumeru’s Cyno, Lyney is another character from the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Trailer who will become playable. He appeared alongside his twin sister, Lynette in the trailer, which made some players think that the two of them would become playable as one unit. HoYoverse has a precedent of this, where there is a playable unit in Honkai Impact 3rd, the sister game of Genshin Impact, where one unit is two versions of the same character. However, none of the leaks suggests anything like that, so Lyney and Lynette will probably be released as two separate characters.


Yuelin is one of the characters from the other faction of Fontaine. None of the other four members of this faction is named at the moment, but, it is known that Yuelin is the leader of this faction. She will probably wield a Geo Vision.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Characters leaks
(Geo Character) Image via Reddit

Genshin Impact Fontaine Leaks: Wind Glider, Logos and more

Wind Glider

Genshin Impact Fontaine Leaks Wings
Image via HoYoverse

Every nation offers at least two wind gliders to the players to equip the characters. The wind gliders are obtainable, by completing weekly reputation quests.

This is the logo that appears while teleporting to a waypoint located in a nation. It also appears on major locations, structures, etc in that nation.


This part of the leaks is about the various symbols that are used throughout Fontaine. They all have a distinctly European feel to them, just like Mondstadt, which makes sense since both nations are based on real-world European cultures.

Final Thoughts

As time passes, more leaks will surface in the Fontaine region. The names, weapon types, rarities, and team roles of all ten Fontaine characters are yet to be revealed. Most of them will probably be leaked, before the official announcement by HoYoverse, so players will not have to wait too long.

This is the first time that so much information about the upcoming nation has been leaked so early, while the game is still releasing parts of the current nation. If anything, players should consider themselves lucky to be able to take a sneak peek at characters that will not even become playable in months to come.

What are your thoughts about the comprehensive leaks revealed about the upcoming Fontaine region in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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