IF you episodes-love stories is now available for pre-registration on Android

A story game platform which has story games based on famous IPs!

IFyou:episodes-love stories is more than just a platform for story games. On March 24th, 2022, PIER Corporation began pre-registration for ‘IFyou:episodes-love stories’ (IFyou), a self-developed story gaming simulator. ‘IFyou’ is a story gaming platform with gorgeous visuals, exciting animations, heartfelt stories, and more. It has a variety of tale game genres for story fans.

Enjoy a variety of story games based on popular webtoons

Users can play story games based on popular webtoons including Whale Star, Day Rising Moon, To You Who Swallowed a Star, Touch My Little Brother and You’re Dead, Revolutionary Princess Eve, Unintended Love, and others.

Furthermore, players can obtain powers through making choices in games, which are required for particular endings. Also, they will receive some attractive decorations as a result of the goods they obtain while completing tasks. These decorations are meant to be used in in-game lobbies. ‘IFyou’ becomes more appealing as a result of the additional content.

ifyou pre-registration
Image via PIER Corporation

Users can modify a character’s fate and create their own ending by playing a story game. Characters and illustrations are more interesting when they have high-quality 2D motions. Users will be moved by the beautiful music.

IFyou will update new story games after global release

It’s also worth looking into line-ups. Famous IPs with a large fanbase include Whale Star, To You Who Swallowed a Star, Touch My Little Brother and You’re Dead, Revolutionary Princess Eve, and Unintended Love. All story games are meticulously dramatized so that fans and non-fans alike can enjoy them.

PIER corporation’s CEO said, “We made IFyou with our crew’s passion and love for story games. With our platform, everyone will be able to enjoy various story games, lively motions, famous IPs, their own decorations, and game missions. Further on, we will make our own original stories too. So please look after us.

PIER company will service Day Rising Moon, Revolutionary Princess Eve, To You Who Swallowed a Star, and Unintended Love in order, starting with Whale Star and Touch My Little Brother and You’re Dead. They want to update new types of story games after the Worldwide Launch to fulfill the needs of global players. On March 24th, PIER Corporation, which has a self-development system, began pre-registration of ‘IFyou’ in order to begin global service.

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