Nexon spreads the Love with Valentines Day 2021 Update on its Biggest Titles

Love Is In The Air Across Nexon’s Biggest Titles

Add some fun into your Valentine’s Day festivities with Nexon’s flagship titles: MapleStory, MapleStory M, Mabinogi, and KartRider Rush+. Starting today, all four titles will receive Valentine’s Day themed updates. Players can enjoy new Valentine’s Day daily missions to obtain special items in MapleStory, defeat monsters together in MapleStory M, receive Valentine goodies in Mabinogi, customize their karts with limited-time items in KartRider Rush+ and more. For a limited time, players can celebrate virtually by participating in unique activities in this Valentines Day 2021 update from Nexon.

Abundance of Valentine’s Day Events and Rewards await Players across Nexon’s biggest Titles

Ringing in the Valentine’s Day celebration with limited-time events and special gifts, players can celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually across Nexon’s flagship titles.


Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
  • Available until February 16, MapleStory characters level 101 and above, including Zero characters who completed Story Chapter 2, can receive Tracy’s Valentine Gifts by completing the special missions. 
  • Players can complete daily missions to obtain item coupons and deck out their characters. They can do this with items such as a Love Mouse Hat, Love Mouse Outfit, Moon Roller Mount, True Love Chocolate or Heartbreak Chocolate.

Maple Story M

Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
  • Available now through February 24, defeat certain monsters during the event period to obtain items and summon chocolate-themed monsters. As players defeat summoned monsters, they will obtain chocolate ingredients to combine on the event page. Moreover, they will receive a variety of buff items. 
  • Cumulative rewards will be awarded based on the cumulative numbers of chocolate players’ craft.


Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
  • The whimsical world of Mabinogi delivers themed log-in events from February 11 through February 25. Players who log-in during the event period for at least 36 minutes will receive one Valentine Cookie Box. They will also get a Valentine’s Day Event Coupon. 
  • Upon opening the box, players will earn another Valentine’s Day Event Coupon as well as one random item. By combining 10 Valentine’s Day Event Coupons, players will receive the all-new Sweet Valentine Spirit Transformation Liqueur. They can use this to change the appearance effects on a Spirit Weapon in this MMORPG.

KartRider Rush+

Nexon Valentine's day 2021 update
Nexon Valentines day 2021 update
  • Through February 12, racers can take advantage of Penalty-Free Ranked Races. Moreover, until February 25, KartRider Rush+ offers racers a jump on Valentine’s Day content. Players will be able to customize their karts with items like Valentine’s Day Frame, Valentine’s Day Balloon and more.
  • Additionally, through February 17, racers who play for at least 10 multiplayer races will get a leg up on the competition with login bonuses.

How much are you excited about the Valentines Day 2021 update from Nexon? Let us know in the comment section below.

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