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PUBG Mobile teases the preview of 15x scope in the New Era teaser

A wet dream for Sniper lovers in PUBG Mobile becoming true?

Popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile gives another hint of their upcoming updates, which is now a hot conversation among the masses. In their recent teaser released for the upcoming PUBG Mobile New Era update, which also includes the overhaul of the Erangel map, the developers have a small tease of the 15x scope, which is already existing in the PC version of the game. While players are excited to use the 15x scope in PUBG Mobile, we will brief you about this latest addition to the popular battle royale game.

15x Scope in the PUBG Mobile update teaser

On 28th August 2020, the official twitter handle of PUBG mobile shared the teaser of the upcoming changes to the game. While it was pretty known news for a while that the Erangel map is receiving an overhaul, fans of the game were awestruck in checking out that the teaser had a 15x scope in the middle, making it a center of attention. It did confuse the fans on whether this was a mistake or is it really a 15x scope on display, and while drawing comparisons, it does resemble a 15x scope from the PC version.

15x scope in PUBG Mobile teaser

What is a 15x scope?

The 15x PM II Scope, in short, called as the 15x scope, is a scope in PUBG. It offers you the farthest sight/zoom, more than the 8x CQBSS, which currently stands as the farthest sight in PUBG Mobile. It is best used with weapons that have a high bullet velocity in order to reduce the need to compensate for both gravity and bullet travel time. The 15x is widely popular among snipers, which helps to take down the farthest of enemies real quick. But the issue lies in control, which is really difficult to handle and offers less precision compared to other scopes. The below video gives you how this scope looks in-game:

When will the 15x scope come to PUBG mobile?

Right now, there is no official confirmation of the scope coming to the game. It is known that whenever the updates come, players will be notified about it priorly, either by official news or by leaks. Right now, we can just speculate how things will go, and when might the updates drop. But it was sure that PUBG Mobile getting the update is just a matter of time, as the team looks to bring similarities in the Mobile and PC versions.

However, on the other side, the speculation of players is that this is an honest mistake of the PUBG Mobile team, as they never intended to show the scope in the first place. While the rest of the masses argue that this was intentional, it is believed so that the fans get hyped about the update and thus involve in more talks. Well, let us consider this as a small hint to what’s coming to the game in the future. As of now, we do not have any confirmation on it.

What is your opinion on the 15x scope coming to PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments!

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