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PUBG: New State Mobile shares the most popular guns and items of 2022

What guns and items made the list?

New State Mobile, Krafton’s popular Battle Royale title, took to Twitter to reveal the game’s popular guns and items for the year 2022. Taking a couple of player modes into consideration, the official team has shortlisted their three weapons and five items on the percentage merit.

As players of this game, the results are not surprising at all. M416 is always a hot favorite, be it PUBG Mobile, or New State Mobile.

To rank the popularity of the guns in-game, the team decided to sort them on the “most kill counts” basis, considering only the Battle Royale mode. In this ranking, M416 claims the top spot taking over 16% of the total kill share amongst the guns.

Undoubtedly, even if kills are not considered, the 5.56mm assault rifle remains to be one of the most popular guns in the game for its flexibility in allowing attachments while also having exceptional stability and control.

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Image via Krafton

Ranked next two are the Beryl M762 and AKM, again two Assault Rifles, with a share of 12% and 9% kill counts respectively. Both equipping the 7.62mm ammunition, are popular for dealing high damage, with the former also allowing the player to fire in Burst mode. It isn’t a surprise to see these three making the top 3, as most players prefer to carry an Assault rifle during the hunt.

For the popularity of the item ranking on the Drone Store, New State Mobile has taken both the Battle Royale and Squad modes into consideration. According to this ranking, the Customization Kit takes 22% of the usage share, clinching the top position. However, they’ve mentioned it includes all kinds of Custom Kits, including the ones for weapons.

Following the Custom Kit, Green and Red Flare guns occupy the 2nd and 4th positions in the ranking with 16% and 9% share, while 5.56mm and 5.7mm ammunitions take the 3rd and 5th in the popularity rankings with 10% and 7% buy rates.

However, some fans might find the popularity ranking a bit skewed. For example, the guns ranking only considered the Battle Royale mode into consideration. It might be difficult to give out all details or rank every gun, but it is a nice feeling for the players to get such details in between.

What are your thoughts on the list shared by New State Mobile on the most popular guns and items of 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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