Red Dot: PK FPS to release soon for mobile devices

First Person Shooting (FPS) is running a massacre over other games. Thanks to its increasing popularity, major companies are trying to bring their games to the mobile market. The recent hit Call of Duty: Mobile is one example. It has taken the world by storm with its PC-quality gaming experience. The revolution began with PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire and is continued by the launch of many other games. One of the recent advances in the same genre is the Red Dot: PK FPS which is scheduled to release on 17th May 2020 for android users and the last week of June for iOS. If you haven’t come across the name before, it is time to know it now.

About Red Dot: PK FPS

Red Dot is a new game based on FPS genre, which promise to deliver a smooth and crisp PC quality performance. It is developed by OnFace Ltd, a company from Hong Kong. The game had a beta test in early November 2019. Following the test, Red Dot had a soft launch in Singapore in the 2nd week of November. The gameplay is available to view to most of the players beforehand. It has a lot of modes added which makes it different, says developers. In conclusion, the game is a fast-paced 3D Military Shooter.

Game Modes and Features

Red Dot boasts a lot of game modes, says the company. This will keep users engaging in playing different modes and thus increase the game’s market value.

Team Death match

Classic PVP Co-op FPS game mode. Team up with players in this co-op game mode. You can engage in fights and get higher points for every victory. Eliminate opponents and reach the required target points to obtain rewards.

PK mode

It is similar to Battle Royale mode in other FPS games. A PVP Survival FPS game mode where you compete with players and gather treasures. The last man standing in the battleground wins. Spawn in a location, collect equipment’s and survive.

Sniper mode

It is a new mode, something that famous Sniper games like Hitman offer you. It is a single-player mode. You have to complete missions and eliminate targets within the time limit to get a three-star rating.

In-game Characters

Red Dot PK FPS Release Characters

Unlock playable characters in the game. Characters do add spice to a shooter game, which will make the feel of playing a game better. You can access these four characters: Leticia, Amber, Brad, and Jason. Although there isn’t any news about new characters being added, we can expect to see some new additions in the future.


There are plenty of weapons to collect in the game. Over 50 weapons and skins are available in the initial update. They include weapons such as Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs which include both LMGs and HMGs (Light and Heavy machine guns) and Pistols. Other than getting post-game rewards, players can also purchase Loot Boxes to acquire these weapons faster. Upgrade your weapons for more firepower.


Equip different weapons and customize your weapon with skins that are available. You also have an option to switch your loadout in battle. Your main character will be having an option to customize. This can be done by following the use of character costumes.


There will be a lot of events where you can earn rewards. Bonus Gems event is one example, where you can earn bonus events from.


Red Dot PK FPS is scheduled to release on 17th May 2020, for Android devices. The company didn’t specify a particular release date for iOS. But they did mention the game to available before the 4th week of June for iOS. The claim is that the company focused on the android launch, even during the beta test. In the early days of the official service opening, services to some countries will be offered. Further, services will be opened to more countries over time.

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