Super Mecha Champions (SMC) x Kawamori Shoji collaboration to launch a new mecha “Pulsar”

An anticipated crossover set to unfold!

Super Mecha Champions, abbreviated as SMC, the urban anime-style battle royale shooter by NetEase Games, will unveil its new transformable mecha Pulsar today, designed by Kawamori Shoji, a well-known Japanese mecha designer. This collaboration between SMC and Kawamori Shoji is also the most recent step forward in SMC’s Global Designers Cooperation Plan.

Kawamori Shoji, a well-known Japanese mecha designer, and anime director is a master in transforming robots into different shapes. He has worked on numerous well-known anime series, including Ghost in the Shell, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, and Gundam 0083. The Pulsar now incorporates his unique mechanical transformable design concept.

SMC x Kawamori Shoji collaboration reimagine legendary mecha Pulsar

In the “Paradise” project, the Priory radicals constructed the initial Pulsar, a transformable armed experimental machine with autonomous learning capabilities. However, “Pulsar” was severely damaged in a man-made “experiment accident” that was spared from abortion by Lan Xin, a pilot who excels in human mechanics.

Pulsar mysteriously recovered to normal operation under Lan Xin’s care, carrying the tokamak concentrated pulse gun, the Priory’s most powerful weapon, and the ANN two-handed pulse rifle, which has a significantly faster shooting speed than a regular pulse gun. “Pulsar” was also equipped with “Eden,” an artificial neural network technology that used its own intelligent features to considerably increase the synchronization rate with the pilot.

smc pular
Image via NetEase Games

Master Kawamori used a ringed design to impose a considerably more powerful firing image of the beam cannon to highlight these attributes of Pulsar. The blue-and-white Pulsar appears to be a cowboy ready to draw its lethal weapon from its holster while it is in a humanoid shape. When turned into a mecha form, Pulsar can freely switch between the Pulse Blaster’s Extended Spread Mode and its Single Snipe Mode, demonstrating its tremendous adaptability on the ever-changing battlefields.

On March 10th of 2022, Pulsar will be released, and gamers will be able to purchase it with Crystal. Pulsar, the mecha fueled by both technology and fantasy, will undoubtedly become a significant presence in the mecha urban arena.

SMC making good progress with their Global Designers Cooperation Plan

Ebata Risa is another Kawamori Studio artist who has been chosen to create “Lan Xin,” and whose work includes well-known figures like Tsuki and Nanakori from Xenoblade 2, as well as Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee from The Super Dimension Fortress Macross F.

“Lan Xin,” a new character created by Ebata Risa, has an odd personality with two sides to her heart. On the outside, she appears to be a gentle mother. But she has the greatest ambition of all that is breaking down the human-mecha barrier.

Through cross-over collaboration, SMC has committed to creating an open and diverse fantasy world. The Global Designers Cooperation Plan is steadily progressing, with artists such as Kamata Mitsuji, Kawamori Shoji, Ebata Risa, and others joining the fold. More artists from various areas will join us in developing the SMC cross-dimensional fantasy world in the future, with much more to come! 

What are your thoughts about the collaboration between SMC and Kawamori Shoji? Let us know in the comments below!

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