Teacup is a narrative adventure game, announced for Android and iOS

Teacup is out of tea!

Teacup, a wholesome narrative adventure game created by Smarto Club, has been announced and will be available on mobile devices on August 18th, 2022 from the house of Whitethorn Games, a publisher of cozy and casual games like APICO, Lake, and Princess Farmer. Releasing on August 18, 2022, users of iOS and Android smartphones can design the ideal tea party.

Players will get to interact with a charming cast of characters in Teacup

The news from Teacup the frog is absolutely ribbiting! She has requested us to help her since she is too shy to tell you on her own. She has moved her tea party to a different venue, and it will take place shortly! Key features of Teacup include:

Teacup announced
Image via Smarto Club
  • Go on a narrative adventure in the beautifully drawn world of Little Pond: Collect the ingredients Teacup needs in any order to refresh her pantry.
  • Meet a charming cast of woodland creatures: Some are talkative, some are grumpy, but all of them will lend an ear to Teacup’s adventure.
  • Help the residents of the forest with their needs: Complete whimsical tasks and puzzles like organizing a market stall, winning an underwater race, and more!

Play as the eponymous Teacup, a timid and reserved little frog who enjoys reading and drinking tea. She discovers she is completely out of tea the day before she is supposed to hold a tea party at her house, and she has to go exploring in the nearby woods to locate the herbs she needs to resupply her cupboard. Engage with a lovable cast of characters, explore the woods however you like, and get ready to throw the ideal party!

Are you excited as Teacup has been announced by Whitethorn Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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