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Titan and Dragon: Loongcheer Game’s new idle RPG game is now available on Android

The beta test of the game will be released in both Europe and America!

Titan and Dragon is an unusual role-playing game that is now available on Android devices. Titan and Dragon, a magic role-playing game by Loongcheer Game, was just published. The beta test of the game will be released in both Europe and America.

Have you noticed that your in-game bag is filled with numerous useless hero cards? This occurs frequently in lots of games. All heroes with low grades or heroes who haven’t been dispatched will be crucial in Titan and Dragon since they are the raw materials needed to start up heroes.

Strategically cast skills and Win battles to unlock more chapters in Titan and Dragon

You can choose the battle’s captain and tactically cast skills. Each hero in Titan and Dragon has at least two active skills, and if you’re not happy with the auto mode, you can choose which talents to perform on which foes. Additionally, a captain will be sent out in accordance with the enemy formation that existed prior to the start of the conflict. Different captains endow the team with unique qualities.

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Some heroes’ captain skills will be used when they are sent out as captains. As an example, Fighting Chicken’s Resistance Aura increases comrades’ resistance by 70%, and Brown Bear’s Aura of Life boosts all teammates’ HP by 30%. Each hero has a distinct captain skill and unique traits that they can bring to the squad during a battle. Even the outcome of the battle will change if other heroes are chosen as captains.

A sense of randomness and excitement in the Equipment System can be experienced in this game

What kinds of weapons or other objects could be made by fusing various pieces of equipment? Equipment quality and its sub-attributes following equipment fusion are random in Titan and Dragon. There is a thrill that is comparable to lottery gear. No piece of equipment is useless since it can be used as a component in the creation of new equipment.

Titan and Dragon both offer more than six PVE gaming options. To advance in the main story and access new chapters and map themes, you must win battles. In Titan Trial, Tower of Illusion, and Dragon Cave, there is a sweep mode that allows players to quickly obtain materials after prevailing in a battle. Playing the game will reveal more intriguing settings and gameplay.

Participating in Arena battles will enable you to campaign with other genuine players in Titan and Dragon and get a high ranking. Arena’s leaderboard displays the fight team that actual gamers defeated. The best players will serve as role models for you to follow if you have no knowledge of choosing heroes, captains, or equipment.

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