How to watch ads in FIFA Mobile 20

Ads are an important part of any event in FIFA Mobile 20. More than often, watching a certain number of ads per day yields event energy which is essential in Resource Management. The Advertisements are often 15-30 seconds promotional videos of apps which on completion rewards in stamina.

How essential are the Ads in FIFA Mobile 20?

Watching the ads, not only rewards with Stamina but also Gems Perks, Daily Scores, and other in-game resources.


While grinding the World Tour or Zidane Event, you will often find yourself out of stamina. Stamina being the single most thing required to play skill games or matches, its constant generation is of utmost importance.

You can watch a couple of ads in FIFA Mobile and earn stamina at the rate of 5 Stamina per ad. Additionally you can also opt for playing the match based on the advert watched instead of using your stamina.

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Heading over the store, we have two Free Packs that refresh over a time period of 10 hours. One of the pack requires you to watch an ad of 30 seconds. The packs’ reward in Perks, Base Players and in-game resources.

Ads in FIFA Mobile

Even though it’s a free pack you shouldn’t be skipping it due to the Perk Rewards.

Daily Quests

One of the Daily Quests, require you to watch two adverts. You shouldn’t be skipping it under any circumstances as for simply watching the ads rewards you with Gems, Skill Boosts, and Daily Score Points. Those Daily Score points add up to give you Star Score points which eventually helps you to receive rewards from the Star Pass.

Ads in FIFA Mobile

Since we all know how useful the gems are, under no circumstances should we ignore these ads which just for watching rewards with gems.

Event energy

Every Event requires you to watch ads to gain Event Stamina. Watching these ads enables us an extra advantage in playing more skill games and matches with the extra energy obtained.

Under no circumstances should one miss out on watching their daily quote of Ads (Usually Three) to gain the standard event energy required.

What if you can’t watch the Ads in FIFA Mobile 20?

More than often we find the ads section grayed out. Which means we are unable to watch the ads.

Often closing and restarting the app fixes the problem and we can view the ads again in FIFA Mobile 20. But seldom the problem stays unfixed and the users lose the Event Energy or resource associated with the adverts.

How to watch the ads now in FIFA Mobile 20?

To watch the ads now grayed out, close the app and perform the following steps.

If you are Android User

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • From settings go to Google.
  • Under Google, select Ads.
  • When you are on to Ads, select Reset Advertising ID

After you selecting Ok, your Advertising ID has now been reset. You can restart the app now to watch the ads!

Ads in FIFA Mobile

If you are an iOS User

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • From settings go to Privacy.
  • Under Privacy, select Advertising.
  • When you are on to Ads, select Reset Advertising Advertiser

After you selecting Reset Identifier, your Advertising ID has now been reset. You can restart the app now to watch the ads! This method was also mentioned by EA on their twitter account.

You may have to repeat the steps if your ads are still grayed out. After you carrying out these steps, you will be seeing the ads are once again visible out to you. Watch these Ads to earn the event stamina required.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this article useful in watching ads in FIFA Mobile 20.

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It’s not working for me. Is there any other way to watch ads. I am looking forward to get James from El Dorado event. If i am unable to watch ads I won’t be getting him for sure. Help me with some suggestion please.

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