Apple Arcade: Upcoming Games (December 2023)

The announced December 2023 Apple Arcade Games gives you a sneak peek at some exciting upcoming releases, ensuring an action-packed gaming journey just for you

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition was created by Gameloft and is set to launch on December 5, 2023, in Apple Arcade

This game immerses you in a magical realm where beloved Disney and Pixar characters like WALL•E, Belle, and Goofy take center stage

Your mission is to free Dreamlight Valley from the mysterious force known as the Forgetting

Sonic Dream Team was created by SEGA and is expected to be released in Apple Arcade on December 5, 2023, an exclusive gem in Apple Arcade’s collection

Join Sonic and his trusty friends in putting a halt to the nefarious Doctor Eggman’s sinister plot

In this thrilling game, you’ll have the opportunity to play iconic characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and more, each wielding their unique set of abilities and skills

Puzzle & Dragons Story was created by GungHo Online Entertainment and is set to launch in Apple Arcade on December 5, 2023

As a player, you’ll embark on a quest to recruit allies, enhance your teams, and conquer challenging dungeons by skillfully matching orbs of the same color

This game ushers you into a fresh and epic fantasy adventure that seamlessly blends match-three puzzles with a captivating creature-collecting RPG experience

Turmoil+ was created by Gamious and is set to release in Apple Arcade on December 5, 2023

This game brings a playful twist to the world of simulation games, drawing inspiration from the tumultuous 19th-century North American oil rush

In this exhilarating adventure, you step into the boots of an aspiring oil entrepreneur, ready to outshine your competition with your savvy business skills