KRAFTON has confirmed that BGMI is unbanned and will be available to the app stores soon

Following multiple allegations of user data breaches and crimes related to the addictive nature of the game, BGMI was banned by the Indian govt back in July 2022.

Various sources revealed that MeitY reconsidered its position and will soon issue an order to unblock the app from app stores.

However, the upliftment of the ban on BGMI doesn’t come easy, as concerned authorities will keep an eye on the game.

Strict policies like time limits for gaming hours, changing the in-game blood color to a default one, and adhering to the server data security will be implemented

Needless to say, failing to meet any of these guidelines will again result in the removal of the game from the Indian market

According to the latest information, Battlegrounds Mobile India is on the way to receiving a temporary unban for a 90-day period while still being on the radar of the Government of India.

Returning of BGMI is big news for the gaming community and this will surely stir up the esports scene in India

Meanwhile, higher authorities will closely monitor the game in this 3-month period, so it is crucial phase for the developers