gets a global launch for Android and iOS

BLACKPINK THE GAME Offers a Casual Gaming Experience

In the game players get to manage their own celebrity management agency

The aim of the game is to solve levels of puzzle that the game will throw to players’ way and by doing this they will be able to schedule events for BLACKPINK

Solve The Puzzles

Players take the role of manager and producer for BLACKPINK and solve different levels of puzzles to make sure that the schedule remains intact and manageable.

Manage Everything

Compete With Other Players

The game also lets the players compete with other BLACKPINK fans in the game in real time

The game offers a great variety of customization options with a diverse range of characters and clothing add-ons

Customize As You Want

The game all in all offers a great opportunity for players to experience the BLACKPINK journey with their friends

Experience the Blackpink Journey