Global Release

Pokoko Studio unveils its latest creation, Dino Bash: Travel Through Time, now available for iOS and Android users

This action strategy game promises a wild and wacky adventure as you protect your dino eggs from hungry cavemen across different ages

Dino Bash: Travel Through Time stands out by introducing a controllable hero, offering dynamic combat experiences with precise attacks and shots

Transported through a magical wormhole, you will encounter challenges in different time zones

Unlike traditional defense games, Dino Bash prioritizes authenticity, diversifying functionalities, and counters for enemies

Each level unlocks new dinos with unique abilities and personalities, accompanied by stylish upgrades like hats and battle armor

The strategy takes the forefront as players strategically place dinos to protect their stash, calling on powerful allies for mayhem when things get hairy

Get ready to embark on a journey through time as you lead a team of powerful and wise-cracking dinos

With the official launch of Dino Bash: Travel Through Time, the game is available for download via the Google Play Store and App Store