New Game Announcements


G-STAR 2023 gears up to be one of the biggest video game trade and consumer events in Korea. Here are some exciting new titles uncovered in the event

Developed by Netmarble, RF Online Next, will be a Futuristic MMORPG that immerses players in a sci-fi universe, offering large-scale realm vs. realm battles across 3 nations

In DEMI RE:BORN players embark on adventures to prevent chaos and the world’s destruction. The game is based on Netmarble F&C’s original IP, Grand Cross

In the vast world of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, players delve into open-world exploration across various locations on the continent, seeking to collect coveted Star Fragments

BATTLE CRUSH is the new action title from NCSOFT. In Battle Crush, up to 30 players fight to be the last one standing

Project BSS

Project BSS seems to be a tactical setup with five heroes, the graphics are very artistic and it no doubt can be a go-to title for the fans of the genre when it launches

Project G

This game looks very grand, where you get to lead a diverse cast of characters in epic group battles, adding an extra thrill with the command operation system

The game offers some unique modes with charming characters that keep you engaged, helping you provide diverse puzzle-solving experiences

This groundbreaking MMORPG utilizes Unreal Engine 5 and is based on the intellectual property rights of the original Lost Ark game

Dark and Darker Mobile aims to mix dungeon crawlers, the depth of RPGs, and battle royale survival elements to recreate an amazing extraction-based gameplay

Join up to 20 players to catch the mischievous Illang in Koji Village. But watch out, your friends might be hiding some secrets too!

BREAKERS: Unlock the World is a F2P, animation RPG. In the game players are transported to a magical realm which is tainted by conflicts among angels

 In Crystal of Atlan, players embark on an epic journey to explore the Atlan and uncover the secrets of the crystal core