Kingdom Eighties official launch

Fury Studios has announced that Kingdom Eighties, their adventure game is now available globally on Android and iOS platforms

Kingdom Eighties is set within the Kingdom universe with the infusion of vibrant neon aesthetics of the 1980s

Assuming the role of The Leader, a youthful camp counselor, you must safeguard your town and family from the ceaseless onslaught of enigmatic creatures known as the Greed

The game delivers an immersive single-player journey focused on micro-strategy and base-building scenarios

Prepare to explore new, unseen locations beyond the summer camp and liberate the New Lands Mall from Greed as you embark on a stylish adventure through the streets

You’ll encounter three key companions: The Champ, The Tinkerer, and The Wiz, each with unique abilities to combine for solving puzzles and conquering levels

Players can access the game via their respective stores for a price of $4.99