METRIA Official Launch

METRIA, the fantasy epic RPG has now officially received a launch on Android and iOS platforms

Japanese developer Asobimo is behind the development of this game

In the game, you play as Rio, whom you find in an unfamiliar land following a mishap in the castle

Your quest to save the royal capital unfolds as you meet new characters and gradually unveil the hidden mysteries of the enigmatic world consisting of nine lands

The core gameplay revolves around a team of three characters to create a formation for battle with the timing of switching characters being the key to win

These characters will have special moves as well, which help you to defeat opponents with ease

METRIA has many similarities with the popular RPG title Genshin Impact, and the game world might be inspired by the same

If you are a fan of RPGs with plenty of quests and free-roaming, this might suit your liking

With the official launch of METRIA, interested players can access it and download it via the Google Play Store and the Apple Store for both Android and iOS devices respectively