Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike official Launch

Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike, is a new action title that serves as a sequel to the legendary Shadow Fight 2 from NEKKI

The first two games were true to the Shadow name in their gameplay, while the next two offered a different style with 3D characters

This latest installment is returning to the franchise’s roots, embracing a more classic shadow-themed aesthetic and gameplay style

It boasts its signature 2D visuals with a modern twist, featuring stunning backgrounds

The power is in your hands as you choose your weapon and master its use, where you can unleash epic combat sequences to beat your enemy

You can combine different Shades to unlock synergies, which is a great plus for more distinct attack sequences

 Prepare to face dangerous opponents you’ve never encountered before in the previous Shadow series

The game was soft-launched in select regions earlier, and now it has received a full-fledged global launch

Enjoy a fantastic fast-paced 2D action in Shades: Shadow Fight Roguelike