Top 10 Similarities

Warp and Pity System

Honkai: Star Rail will also have a Gacha and Pity system similar to Genshin Impact.

Light Cones & Weapons

Light cones are the equivalent of weapons in both the games

Eidolon & Constellation

Eidolons are obtained when you get a duplicate copy of a character that you have already unlocked and Similar to Genshin’s Constellation system, one character can obtain up to 6 Eidolons

Relics and Artifacts

Relics are the items equipped by your characters to be stronger, similar to Genshin Impact, this also comes with various stat and set effects

Caverns of Corrosion & Calyxes

These funtions of Honkai: Star Rail are very similar to Genshin Impact

Trailblaze Power & Resins

This is the Resin system of Honkai: Star Rail. Trailblaze Power regenerates gradually and the maximum storage increases as you progress your level

Forgotten Hall & Abyss

The Forgotten Hall is the Spiral Abyss in Honkai: Star Rail. Similar to the Abyss from Genshin Impact, players must assemble a team to face a certain group of enemies

Trailblaze Level Rewards and Equilibrium Level

Similar to how Katheryne gave the player awards in Genshin Impact based on their Adventure Rank. Pom-Pom, the Conductor of the Astral Express, gives the player various gifts based on their level in Star Rail

Assignments & Expeditions

Assignments can also be compared to Expeditions in Genshin Impact, this is where you send your characters to do something and obtain rewards

Treasure Chest

Honkai: Star Rail also have Treasure Chest when exploring certain areas and finishing various quest, much like in Genshin Impact