Global Release

Com2uS has teamed up with Skybound Entertainment to introduce The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales

 This is an exciting new puzzle RPG set in the gripping post-apocalyptic world of the original The Walking Dead comic book series

Conquer new challenges and unearth untold stories in The Walking Dead Match 3 Tales

In this game, individuals have the opportunity to engage in puzzle-based combat and build a thriving community of survivors

Players can collect Energy to unleash powerful character abilities and use iconic weapons from the series to gain an advantage in combat

Players can also construct & upgrade various facilities to establish their own town, unlocking new survivors & game-changing upgrades in the process

The game comes with full voice acting and a commitment to preserving the essence of ‘The Walking Dead’ original story

Players can engage in hazardous new missions, including special challenges on a daily and weekly basis

Interested players can download the game on the Apple App Store & Google Play