Now available on Android and iOS

Tyrant’s Blessing is a fun pixel RPG that is now available mobile devices for a price of $4.99

The team behind the game is Freedom Games, known for Coromon, a popular retro-styled monster-taming game

The plot follows the Tyrant who arrives in Tyberia with alluring promises: a paradise free of war, suffering & death

To enter this utopia, Tyberians had to meet their end at the hands of his Dead Army. The war ended swiftly, and the remaining living warriors now strive to overturn the Tyrant’s reign

Now you will have to lead the Uprising, vanquish the Dead Army, and send this tyrant back to the depths of the sea

Tyrant’s Blessing is a tactical turn-based game where strategic planning, adaptability, and clever tactics take precedence over upgrading units or collecting the best weapons

Before you take the fight to the Tyrant, ensuring your own survival is paramount. For that, you can choose from twenty distinct heroes, each with their own abilities

You need to analyze the battlefield, position warriors strategically, and use the environment to your advantage