Best Free Mobile Games of All Time to play on Android, iPhone, and iPad

The mobile games industry has been on the rise lately, and with so many games available on Android, iPhone, and iPad, it can be difficult to sort through the alternatives. This post is a chosen list of the top mobile games of all time under the free category, ensuring that you have a good time without spending a dime. However, the mobile games mentioned in this best list might contain some in-app purchases but since they can be downloaded for free, they make the list. This all-time best list of mobile games will be updated as and when we see better games that deserve a position in this top 30.

1. Genshin Impact

Publisher: Cognosphere

One of the biggest hits in the mobile gaming industry is HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact, and with the number of players it has attracted, it stands at the top of the best mobile games, let alone. It provides a memorable experience with intriguing gameplay and a gorgeous environment to explore as you immerse yourself in a graphically breathtaking open-world RPG. The frequent updates keep the game going, and with the content it has, it is worth a try.

2. PUBG Mobile

Publisher: Krafton

One of the popular action hits on mobile, PUBG Mobile has been one of the most played games without question. On the go, the game promises intense action and exhilarating gameplay, with its realistic graphics and diverse gameplay modes. Survival is your ultimate goal, and with a thrilling Battle Royale experience on offer, the Chicken Dinner is something everyone will crave for.

3. Clash of Clans

Publisher: Supercell

The decade-old Clash of Clans has become a mobile gaming classic thanks to its addicting gameplay, continuous upgrades, and passionate community. A game of the strategy genre, it combines base building, resource management, troop training, and attacking systems into one, where you also engage in team attacks through Clan Wars and get a progression system that is one of the best in games.

4. Angry Birds 2

Publisher: Rovio Entertainment

The sequel of the timeless classic, Angry Birds 2, stepped up over the previous title and constantly topped the charts for years. The developers Rovio has been banking on the franchise’s success, and we can say they have been successful. Once again join the feathered frenzy by slingshotting birds to smash piggy strongholds. Multiple levels also keep the replayability in check, which goes on enjoyable as time passes by, which makes it one of the best free games ever made for mobile.

5. Pokemon GO

Publisher: Niantic

With Niantic’s best-augmented reality adventure game to date, you can experience the magic of Pokemon in real life. A lot of Pokemon wander around, and the players are tasked to catch them while they engage in exciting gym battles. Pokemon GO combines nostalgia and new gameplay for a riveting mobile gaming experience that includes a sense of adventure and a trainer community.

6. Subway Surfers

Publisher: SYBO Games

Subway Surfers is a thrilling single-player endless runner game that becomes a worldwide sensation upon launch. Along with Temple Run, this was one of the games in the endless runners’ category that became highly downloaded on devices. The graphics, soundtrack, customizations, etc, everything was on point. Even if we play it now, the same interest will still be there as before.

7. Plants vs Zombies

Publisher: Electronic Arts

One of the OG games that people play on smartphones, Plants vs Zombies is a highly entertaining tower defense game that has elements of spooky and fun. Players use an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants including peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and more to protect their houses from swarms of funny undead bodies. Plenty of levels keep the players engaged and is still a fun game to spend your time on.

8. Call of Duty Mobile

Publisher: Activision

Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of the iconic action series on Console and PC. On the small screen, it offers plenty of classic game modes, to begin with including multiplayer modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill-Confirmed on iconic maps such as Shipment, Raid, and Standoff, as well as 100-player Battle Royale, the game boasts console-quality HD gaming on your phone. This has made a mark on the industry, as it is undoubtedly one of the best free mobile games available currently.

9. Sky: The Children of Light

Publisher: Thatgamecompany

Even though the game didn’t attract plenty of players in the beginning, the soothing experience this game provides while playing is just so relaxing that it made heads turn. Sky: The Children of Light is one of the best aesthetically pleasing adventure games ever created, make new friends as you travel to new adventures, that await you with endless possibilities. Explore and make as many friends as you can because there are so many wonderful people looking to connect.

10. Candy Crush Saga

Publisher: King

King’s legendary Match 3 puzzle game Candy Crush Saga is a timeless classic indeed. The game became so popular that players of all ages, young and old, were just looking to crack any level. Players still play this though and enjoy the same, where you can match, pop, and blast candies to advance to the next level and receive a sugar rush in this delightful puzzle.

11. Free Fire

Publisher: Garena

Garena’s popular action battle royale Free Fire might not have all the elements of its competition, but it is one game that is pretty much compatible and runs smoothly even on low-end devices. One of the most download games on mobile, the intense 10-minute game that you play on a remote island is something you can try your hand at still against 49 other players. With simple controls and gorgeous graphics, Free Fire stands tall among the top games.

12. Clash Royale

Publisher: Supercell

Supercell Games found a cheat code in Clash Universe to cash in and Clash Royale is exactly the product of that. It mixes aspects of tower defense, strategy, and card collecting while having plenty of cards on offer to destroy your opponent’s towers to claim victory. Frequent updates keep the matchup fresh, with some balancing changes thrown in for good measure. Overall, Clash Royale offers plenty of unique combinations to try and test, which makes it a great experience.

13. 8 Ball Pool

Publisher: Miniclip

If any game made it possible for players to show off their abilities on a virtual green baize, then it is 8 Ball Pool. A classic of the highest order, it quickly raised the ranks to be the ultimate online multiplayer pool game. The game gives a refined and compelling pool game for both casual and competitive players with plenty of customization on offer.

14. Temple Run 2

Publisher: Imangi Studios

Temple Run, one of the most renowned mobile titles of all time, was one of the games that every phone possessed at the time of new-gen smartphones. The sequel being the better among the series joins this best free games list for its breathtaking sights and gripping music, which will have you on the edge of your seat as you battle for the maximum score and the excitement of escaping the monster’s grasp in this endless runner.

15. Marvel Snap

Publisher: Nuverse

One of the most critically acclaimed superhero games on mobile, Marvel Snap offers an epic card battle to assemble your desired team of Marvel superheroes and villains. Between 2021 and 2022, it acclaimed so many awards including the best title at the Game Awards 2022, and currently is one of the best games for casual fans. If you have not played this yet, why wait? Go ahead and build your deck of 12 cards

16. Alto’s Adventure

Publisher: Noodlecake

Nearly closing to a decade since its first appearance on mobile, the endless runner snowboarding adventure video game ticks all the visual boxes right for its breathtaking landscapes. With 180 handcrafted goals and six unique snowboarders, each with their special attributes and abilities, Alto’s Adventure is still one of the best options available for lovers of the endless runner genre.

17. Mini Militia

Publisher: Miniclip

Before the days of PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, and other popular action shooters, there was Mini Militia. Being an online multiplayer, provides fast-paced action, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and unique landscapes to keep you hooked. The team battles made the game a massive hit, and its great optimization is still praised, even after so many years of the game being in the business.

18. Among Us

Publisher: Innersloth

Who wouldn’t know of this gem when it soared to new heights during the disastrous COVID days? Even though Among Us had a release way earlier than COVID, the game caught attention late but had a lot of players actively engaging in finding the impostor among the crew members in this thrilling yet hilarious social deduction game. It has been inspired by the party game Mafia and the science fiction horror film The Thing. The experience still bangs!

19. Simcity BuildIt

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is a master of delivering top-tier games across many genres and Simcity BuildIt is yet another contribution from them to the Simulation genre. The game is part of the SimCity franchise, where you are the hero of your city by designing and building a magnificent, busy metropolis. Standing over 100 million downloads currently, the game still is popular among the masses, given it is a decade-old game.

20. Lords Mobile

Publisher: IGG

Even though the advertisements of this game go out of hand more often than not, Lords Mobile is one of the best picks for the ones who love role-playing games with strategy elements. Lords Mobile blends strategic gameplay and real-time combat, allowing you to develop and customize your vast kingdom, hire great warriors, and fight other players in some interesting modes.

21. Jetpack Joyride

Publisher: Halfbrick Studios

Yeah, yet another endless runner, but these games are what made the day in the last decade. Jetpack Joyride was among the biggest hits from Halfbrick Studios and slightly ranks better than their fruit-slasher title. The game is an amazing and adrenaline-pumping adventure with fast-paced action with jetpacks, vehicles, and amazing power-ups.

22. Dragon Ball Legends

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Bandai Namco just kills it with their anime-based titles and Dragon Ball Legends is one such example, which is one of their biggest hits. It also piqued interest among the players to try out more card-based strategy titles. Since its release in 2018, the game has gained popularity due to its stunning aesthetics, strategic gameplay, and accurate depiction of the Dragon Ball universe. Over the years, the gameplay has improved, and hence it remains one of the best free mobile games in its category.

23. Ludo King

Publisher: Gametion Global

Roll the dice and let luck be on your side! Ludo King brings the popular board game of Ludo to your mobile device. For the sheer entertainment value it brings, Ludo King is one of the best games to play, with single-player and multiplayer modes on offer making it an experience to look out for with more people playing together. The themes it has is also something that makes the experience better, and what’s more amazing is that it comes with plenty of features packed in a decent game size.

24. Rise of Kingdoms

Publisher: Lilith Games

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is an innovative strategy title that hands over Egypt to the player to rule and rise to glory. With the integration of a seamless Seamless World Map and Real-Time Battles, there are endless strategic possibilities for you to get used to. Overall, Kingdom Rush is an engrossing game that will put your tactical skills to the test.

25. Asphalt 9: Legends

Publisher: Gameloft

The iconic Asphalt series went on to be better with every sequel that was released and presented one of the best racing games on mobile with Asphalt 9: Legends. With plenty of top car manufacturers offering their best racing models, the driving experience is never this intense. The career mode is massively entertaining which is coupled with new challenges to experience in the multiplayer modes and the events section of Asphalt 9.

26. Kingdom Rush

Publisher: Ironhide Games

Kingdom Rush has established itself as one of the best free Tower Defense games for mobile of all time. Your objective as commander of the Linirea army is to vanquish the forces of evil and protect the kingdom on the battlefield. The battle for victory has never been more intense, with a massive arsenal of epic towers, spells, and heroes at your disposal.

27. Hill Climb Racing 2

Publisher: Fingersoft

Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel to the original Hill Climb Racing game. Even though the original made its mark with its unique presentation, the sequel got even better. The 2D title was one of the best games of the decade, no doubt, as it offered something unique with the levels it presented. With endless customization options, modes to race against other players from around the world, and fun yet competitive levels to clear, Fingersoft’s racing title remains a favorite for many.

28. Shadow Fight 3

Publisher: NEKKI

Shadow Fight 3 adds another feather to the successful Shadow Fight franchise from NEKKI. Despite some bugs and optimization concerns at first, the game swiftly surpassed its predecessors and became one of the best action titles on mobile. You can customize your battle style in the game, whether you want to be a smart ninja or a powerful knight. The competitive system is also well-layered, with the scoreboard indicating whether or not you are the top fighter in the business.

29. Super Mario Run

Publisher: Nintendo

Nintendo’s classic Super Mario title on mobile became a silent hit upon release. Show off Mario’s cool moves, compete with your pals, and challenge folks all around the world. Run, jump, and stomp your way through beautifully designed levels filled with obstacles and enemies. Collect coins, rescue Princess Peach, and challenge your friends in exciting Toad Rally competitions. The fun element makes it a pick to look out for, and might never age as well.

30. Township

Publisher: Playrix

One of the popular and critically acclaimed games in the simulation and management genre, Township allows you to take the helm over a town and develop it by building structures, raising crops, and creating items. Open restaurants, theatres, and other communal structures to give your town a unique flavor. With the combination of city-building and farming, fans of each can enjoy the other.

Feel any game running on Android, iOS, and iPad has been left out from this Best Free Mobile Games list? Feel free to contact us and let us know!

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