Netflix Games: List of all available and upcoming games

Netflix, one of the leading production and streaming subscription companies in this world, has long ago, entered the venture into the world of mobile games. They believe that people who are binge-watching their shows, and movies will find mobile games appealing additions to bolster their subscriptions. Many game titles which have been added to Netflix are games based on the Netflix universe. Games such as Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game based on the highly popular web series, Stranger Things have made their entry into the gaming world. In this section, we will discuss the current list of games and all the upcoming titles which are coming soon on Netflix.

The owners at Netflix have found gaming as one of the incredible USPs of their streaming service, as this sets Netflix aside from other streaming services. Gaming has been one of the standout features which come alongside the movies and TV shows on Netflix. People without Netflix subscriptions cannot play the games from Netflix, therefore, interested gamers should also avail a Netflix subscription for playing it. Recent news has emerged that Netflix is currently working on its 55 new games, which include some from their very own IP.

Updated: 4th of February, 2023

Netflix Games: Complete list of best games

Stranger Things: 1984

  • Genre: Adventure
Netflix Games Stranger Things 1984
Image via Netflix

The game scripts the adventure of the five kids to fight against the Demogorgons and the Evil. The kids will be joined by the Police Chief of Hawkins, Hooper. The game is set in the town of Hawkins in 1984, which will see adventures set in a retro style. The game is only available exclusively to Netflix members.


  • Genre: Puzzle
Image via Netflix

Players have to complete Match-3 puzzles to get high scores in this game. With high scores, players will also earn bundles of yarn. As far as special powers are concerned, these cats can also unleash their boots. Although looking easy in its description, some levels of Knittens are challenging, which brings a lot of fun to continue playing. This game is only accessible to Netflix subscribers.

Bowling Ballers

  • Genre: Puzzle

This game is only available to Netflix subscribers where players must knock down as many pesky pins as possible. It includes a level-based mode in an endless manner, where bowlers must actively hit objects instead of avoiding them. This involves flying, skateboarding and more in a simple, basic way

Wonderputt Forever

  • Genre: Sports

A mini-golf game where players must plan their shots and sink the ball into each unique hole, Wonderputt Forever will see players get into more action with each completed level. The golf courses will come to life, shift and change to prepare for the next. Available exclusively to Netflix subscribers, the game size is around 155 MB in size and has received over 5,000 installations in the PlayStore.

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

  • Genre: Card

Set in the world of Arzu, Arcanium: Rise of Akhan will see players take up the role of heroes in the form of cards. Players can form a party of three heroes to defeat Akhan the Calamity. The game combines rogue-like strategies along with deck-building techniques in new ways.

Krispee Street

  • Genre: Puzzle
Netflix Games List Krispee Street
Image via Netflix

Krispee Street is a hidden object finder game, which is based on the webcomic Krispee. It will boast the same joyfully cartoonish illustrations and vibrant colours. Players will find plenty of hidden gems along the way as they explore new environments. There will be a daily puzzle to keep them revisiting it, while Zen Mode offers a more relaxed experience if they are just looking to wind down after a long day.

Into the Breach!

  • Genre: Strategy

The turn-based strategy game Into the Breach, has been a winner of the best strategy games on PC earlier. The game began as a response to films and games in which defenders of a city destroy the whole city in the process. In this futuristic combat game, players must deploy a squad of pilots, gadgets and weapons in order to fight the evil forces of aliens.

This is a True Story

  • Genre: Educational
Netflix Games List This is Us
Image via Netflix

This game will be an educational experience for people, where players will be tasked with narrative puzzles, which will be based on interviews and events. The adventure will be comprised of windstorms, poacher-hunters and more. The painted landscape, the wonderful art, and the game are one of the beautiful picturesque experiences from Netflix.


  • Genre: Arcade

The creators of Dormwell have created this vertical climber wonder, Poinpy where one can bounce up, dodge adorable baddies and feed the blue beast. With higher levels and more challenging obstacles, players can earn, unlock abilities and more.

Before Your Eyes

  • Genre: Adventure

Before Your Eyes is an exclusive Netflix title where players will look deeply into their life stories and delve deeply into their recollections in their afterlife. To pass on people into their afterlife, the man with shepherding soul duties must learn the story of life. Players must go back to relive their important memories. They can experience the memories connected with their family members, their moments of love and marriage, success milestones in their careers and more. The most difficult memories might have a hidden secret in them. This game is one of a very rare kind, available only to Netflix subscribers.

Netflix: List of other games

Here is a list of all the other games which have been published by Netflix Games. Ranging from simple puzzle games to action games, Netflix Games has all options prepared for us! This table will be updated with more new releases in the future and all the exciting title announcements will be recorded.

GameGenreGoogle PlayApp Store
Dungeon DwarvesRPGLinkLink
Lucky LunaActionLinkLink
Stranger Things 3: The GameActionLinkLink
SpongeBob: Get CookingSimulationLinkLink
NETFLIX Mahjong SolitaireBoardLinkLink
Desta: The Memories BetweenStrategyLinkLink
Nailed It! Baking BashSimulationLinkLink
Hextech Mayhem Netflix EditionActionLinkLink
Dragon Up!AdventureLinkLink
Heads Up! Netflix EditionWordLinkLink
Spiritfarer Netflix EditionSimulationLinkLink
Asphalt XtremeRacingLinkLink
NETFLIX MoonlighterRPGLinkLink
OXENFREE: Netflix EditionAdventureLinkLink
Shatter RemasteredPuzzleLinkLink
Exploding Kittens – The GameCardLinkLink
Townsmen – A Kingdom RebuiltStrategyLinkLink
Teeter (Up)ArcadeLinkLink
Dominoes CaféBoardLinkLink
Into the Dead 2: UnleashedActionLinkLink
Card Blast!CardLinkLink
Relic Hunters: RebelsActionLinkLink
Shooting HoopsArcadeLinkLink
Rival PiratesActionLinkLink
Wild Things Animal AdventuresPuzzleLinkLink
TMNT: Shredder’s RevengeActionLinkLink
Stranger Things: Puzzle TalesPuzzleLinkLink
Country FriendsSimulationLinkLink
Classic Solitaire NETFLIXCardLinkLink
Narcos: Cartel Wars UnlimitedStrategyLinkLink
Too Hot to Handle NETFLIXSimulationLinkLink
Reigns: Three KingdomsStrategyLinkLink
Valiant Hearts: Coming HomeAdventureLinkLink
Scriptic Netflix EditionActionLinkLink
Twelve MinutesAdventureLinkLink
NETFLIX Flutter ButterfliesSimulationLinkLink
Puzzle GodsPuzzleLinkLink
Cats & Soup Netflix EditionSimulationLinkLink
Kentucky Route ZeroAdventureLinkLink
Skies of ChaosActionLinkLink

Netflix: List of upcoming games

Vikings: Valhalla

Based on MGM Television and Netflix’s popular series Vikings: Valhalla, a game by the same name will be available to Netflix subscribers soon. Players will assume the role of ruthless Viking clan leaders and fortify formidable settlements. They will start battles and spread their influence over the continent as their support base increases. As Season 2 has released in 12th of January, 2023, the game has got most Vikings fans on their toes!

Kingdom: The Blood

Based on the popular Netflix show Kingdom, South Korean Game studio Action Square and Netflix Games together have decided to collaborate on bringing a new game, Kingdom: The Blood. The game will cover the aspects and historical details mentioned in the series, where players make their own characters in the game. The game will have modes starting from conquest mode, PvP battles, multi-boss battle modes etc.

La Casa De Papel

A new stealth adventure game based on the popular La Casa De Papel, popularly known as Money Heist was announced. The game mechanics, missions and more has been not been revealed yet, but the announcement from Netflix Games has made fans ecstatic around its development.

Stay tuned for future updates from Netflix!

Do you believe Netflix is doing a great job in bringing the archive of some brilliant mobile games? How did you like our latest Netflix Games list? Feel free to let us know and we’ll add that here!

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