Clash of Clans fan shows the concept of trading resources within the Clan

Trading resources within the Clan? Count me in!

Fan ideas are always interesting to see, and sometimes we wonder what if this was implanted in the game. Another interesting idea has surfaced on Reddit recently, with a Clash of Clans fan pitching the concept of the option of trading resources within the Clan. Without any surprise, the idea has received plenty of reactions from the community.

The idea employs the trading system in Clash of Clans

In the idea pitched in the r/ClashOfClans subreddit by user u/Serious_Wrangler5611, the player can request a resource of his choice, say Magic Items, for a different type of the same resource. In simple words, it will work like an exchange. This way, he can get what he wants, and also give his other abundant resources to the other player.

Clash of Clans reddit concept trade
Image via Reddit

Well, we can say that the user has got his inspiration from the already existing option in Supercell’s very own game Clash Royale. The game gives players an option to trade the cards while offering the same number as the other, and you can do it for any rarity. This may be for different reasons, say for upgrades or requiring a new card altogether.

Meanwhile, the Reddit community has responded, sparking some hilarious ideas along the way. One user expressed his inner desire that this feature would cause his main account to be boosted by resources from his alt accounts, while others were concerned about the bots that would scatter around the game just for this purpose, rendering the game unfair.

Discussions in Reddit
Image via Reddit

While we don’t see this coming to the game anytime, we can expect some or the other day, the makers might think of this as an option, and can introduce it. Until then, this will remain as one of those concepts which were pitched but not brought to existence.

What are your thoughts on this concept of trading resources among the clan members in Clash of Clans? Let us know in the comments below!

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