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COD Mobile: iFerg, the popular content creator has been banned from the game for 10 years

One of the latest victims of decade-long bans!

iFerg, the popular Call of Duty: Mobile content creator seems to be the latest victim of the decade-long bans, being doled out. There seems to be a malfunctioning banning system that exists in the game. In a tweet, iFerg has confirmed with a screenshot, that he has been banned from COD Mobile for 10 years, which will last until the 21st of January, 2032.

iFerg getting banned from COD Mobile: Issues with the broken anti-cheat

Considering the fact that iFerg has never been seen using any third-party bannable services on stream or in his videos, it can safely be assumed that this was a mistake on the part of the automated anti-cheat system. This was triggered by mass reports and issued a ban without checking.

In the recent past, quite a few players have brought up complaints, after they received similar bans. Many were mass-reported by other players for using meta weapons or perks, like persistence or even just playing well.

Call of Duty Mobile iFerg banned
iFerg (Image via YouTube)

Due to issues with how the anti-cheat works, mass reporting does seem to result in a ban, without any check into whether the player was actually committing any bannable offense. It could be caused by using VPN. However, it is unlikely that we will get to know the actual cause for sure.

Since iFerg is a verified CODM partner though, he will likely get the help and assistance he needs and get unbanned soon. NoahFromYouTube, another verified partner and major content creator has also received a decade-long ban in 2020. But, it was fixed within a few days. However, if this was a result of mass reporting, it brings up a major issue in the game’s anti-cheat that should be fixed immediately.

What are your thoughts on iFerg getting banned from COD Mobile for 10 years? In case of any queries drop them in the comments below!

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Deserved. Cheaters are all scum.


He deserved it?? Bruh

sina valadbeygi

man. i have been banned for 10 years too. i have done nothing . maybe we are all cheaters except u


Just remove the false ban on my id Emperorrishu u people gave me 10 year ban for no reason all my money and grid gone.. It’s been 4 months since I am requesting and complaining but what happened I never get response……… Only they care about is money and famous people ferg got unbanned within hours and players like me our voices are never heard this is what Activision treating common players

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