Clash Royale fan shares an Air Spirit card concept that blows troops away

Spirit on Air? Ghostly!

The r/ClashRoyale Reddit community always comes up with some interesting concepts, especially on the card concept. One more interesting card concept has surfaced this time that is simpler than the ones we discussed before but very interesting. The Clash Royale fan shared an Air Spirit concept card that can blast troops away as well as deal damage to a certain extent. Let us look into it in detail.

The Air Spirit card can slightly deal damage while pushing troops behind

You might be familiar with plenty of the cards in the Spirit family in the Clash Royale cards. We have Ice, Electro, Fire, and Heal Spirits currently in the game, which are commonly used among the players for their low cost and great utilization potential. The new card concept will also add one more member to the Spirit family.

Air Spirit concept card
Image via Reddit

The concept shared in the subreddit, it follows the one-elixir cards from the Spirit. Air Spirit gives a push to the opponent troops approaching, as well as dealing area damage to an extent. The range is 1-tile, and with a large blow radius and fast speed on offer, it can be very handy during pushes from the opponent.

The card concept appears to be a combination of abilities from other cards, such as the Super Archer’s ability and the Snowball area damaging effect. It does, however, have the capacity to target air troops, which is a benefit. The Reddit community reacted warmly to this proposal, prompting some humorous reactions as well.

air spirit community reaction
Image via Reddit

With another new concept proposal, the community once again displayed its originality in coming up with fantastic concepts like these. In this way, we can say that good concepts like these open the door to new and interesting discussions.

What are your thoughts about this new Air Spirit concept in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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