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Ferg reveals what it takes to become a top-ranked player in games like COD Mobile or Apex Legends Mobile

Valuable advice by the young sensation!

Ferg in a recent series of tweets advised players on how to be the best in games like COD Mobile and upcoming Apex Legends mobile. Ferg is a familiar name for anyone around the world who loves video games. Among all the top talents in the mobile gaming industry, Ferg’s name undoubtedly comes at the top level. His full name is Luke Fergie and he hails from Northern Ireland.

The youngster is known throughout the world for his unique gaming content on his YouTube channel named iFerg. He initially started out by playing and sharing his content on Clash Royale. He quickly switched to multiplayer shooting games.

Ferg’s popularity soared when he started playing COD Mobile when the game was launched in 2019. He was ranked number one in the game’s first season itself. In 2022, Ferg is one of the most celebrated names in mobile gaming and serves as an inspiration to all the players out there. In January 2022 Ferg was rewarded by Call of Duty Mobile developers with an in-game skin of his own along with a bundle.

Ferg reveals the secret to success through a series of tweets

Ferg opens up his heart and offers his honest opinion on players who are trying to replicate his blueprint for success and achieving opulence in the upcoming Apex Legends Mobile. Ferg holds back nothing and begins by saying that gamers who want to have his fame and glory must push themselves to their extreme limits.

He continues by saying that they will have to put their entire life on pause and focus only on one thing that is becoming a superstar in the upcoming game. They will have to go the extra mile where they must abstain from having any relationships, free time, and distractions of any kind because many shooting games will emerge which will lead to fierce competition among players worldwide.

ferg cod mobile
Ferg has opened up his heart and offers his honest opinion on players who are trying to replicate his blueprint for success.

The young prodigy advises that a player’s only purpose in life should be to become the number one player/creator. He backs up his tips logically as he says, “The competition will be fierce as swarms of the greatest shooter players ever from multiple previous titles will be at your heels, highly skilled individuals who’ve been craving for a chance like this doing anything they can to maintain their status as superior to you.” 

Ferg praised for his advice for success in Apex Legends mobile

Ferg shares how he went through his tough times when he used all the hate he received as fuel to power up his determination. The greatest threat to players according to Ferg is self-doubt because if he/she doesn’t believe that they are the best player on the planet then they have already lost the competition.

The 22-year-old knockout ends by saying, “This will be the biggest opportunity many of you will have experienced in the last 2 years or your entire life. Remember that the pain of grinding and sacrificing is less than the pain of regret that you could have done more. May the true grinders come out on top, good luck.

Ferg’s tweets have received a lot of attention from the entire mobile gaming community where most people have lauded him. It is quite admirable that a player of his stature shows such humility towards other gamers by sharing his valuable advice.

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