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Fortnite players call out Chapter 4, Season 3 to be the “worst in years”

Players are left unimpressed with the new season!

Fortnite players are not happy with the new season of the famous Battle Royale. The new season, season 3 released on June 9 is not receiving warm reception from the fans for plenty of reasons as stated by the fans. While some players are indifferent to the new season in the game, some are calling Fortnite, Chapter 4, season 3 flat-out “worst in years“.

Redditor lists down the facts as to why the new season failed to deliver

There are a plethora of reasons why the players and fans consider the new season a flop already, there is a strong feeling against the new season and many fans have been actively suggesting it. Many fans have come across various different platforms including Reddit to make their feelings and suggestions official. Following are some of the reasons why the players think the new season fails to deliver.

1. The new season has little to no new events

Events have been the backbone of engaging content in Fortnite for so many years as of now. Hence the players and fans are not happy with not much content being added to the game now as compared to earlier. Some new events have been added but according to some fans, they lead to below-par rewards including cosmetic items compared to the better items which used to be part of the rewards in the earlier seasons.

2. The design of the map seems unfair with many ambushing and camping spots

Flare Gun locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds
Image via Epic Games

The map is considered to be a downgrade from the standards of the game, as it features a lot of areas and opportunities for an unfair advantage to some players. The new map promotes toxic gameplay as it introduces the possibility of camping on high grounds and ambushing players in their pursuit. For some, this might be an advantage however for some a headache to deal with. It really depends on whom are you asking.

3. Game’s weapon meta seems counter-intuitive and does not make any sense

The Game’s meta in the new season is allegedly making no sense to some of the players. There have been instances where players have encountered multiple repetitive shotguns on the ground when there is already the Havoc Pump Shotgun roaming around in the game. The havoc shotgun is the powerful shotgun’s mythic version that is capable of dishing out a huge 250 damage, resulting in killing the players in just one shot.

4. Unimpressive battle skins compared to previous seasons

The new season as stated by fans and players of the game, suggests that there is no impressive addition to the battle skins offered by the new season and they are lackluster and unattractive as compared to the previous seasons. Battle skins are one of the major reasons why the players grind in the game and the lack of impressive battle skins in the new season would probably leave some fans of the game unimpressed.

5. Players are left unimpressed by the new milestone system of the game

Fortnite worst season in years, Fortnite Chapter 4 season 3
Image via Epic Games

The new milestone system is not doing Fortnite any favors in front of some fans, as there have been many who have complained about the rewards and their respective milestones which have been set for the season. Milestones are long-term missions that the players have to complete over a course of a season in a bid to attain more experience points very useful in leveling up in the game. However, it is fair to say that players and fans are not that big of a fan of the milestone system this season.

Players expect Epic Games to correct the wrongs from the next season

While it may seem that the players might be over-reacting to the new season and over-critiquing the shortcomings of the new season, they might still have a point and Epic should definitely take these complaints about the current season seriously and reflect them upon the new season as corrections with the new season scheduled to start just from Aug 25.

What do you think about Fortnite Chapter 4, season 3 being labeled as the worst in years? Let us know in the comments below!

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