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Genshin Impact fan shares an idea for a Geo Element rework

An interesting and fun idea!

A Genshin Impact player has shared their thoughts and ideas on how to rework the gameplay mechanics of Genshin Impact’s Geo element. Genshin Impact, apart from the main gameplay of Gacha RPG, is fighting enemies using characters that have unique attacks and abilities which reflect their own respective elements.

In most elements, players can create combinations that will increase the effectiveness of the element like Vaporize with Pyro and Hydro, Melt with Cryo and Pyro, and so on and so forth. However, one element is currently being snubbed with the elemental reactions wherein the element does not react with any other elements currently available in the game and this is the Geo element that the player wants to be reworked.

The Genshin Impact community has given mixed reactions to the Geo element rework idea

In a post by a Reddit user with the handle, u/conspiracie, they shared their very own idea about how the Geo element should be updated by Hoyoverse. The player thought of the element as the cc or crowd control element in which every elemental reaction will bring about a crowd control effect to enemies which are: Geo with Dendro roots enemies, Geo and Hydro slow enemies, Geo and Electro silences enemies, Geo and Anemo knocks enemies airborne, Geo and Cryo gives a freeze that cannot be shattered, Geo and Pyro gives raze that deals more damage.

So far, the reception of the post of Conspiracie is mixed with some very much into the idea of the Geo elemental reactions, while some are still a bit skeptical as Geo is supposed to be a very rigid and stand-alone element to have and that is what attracted them the most to the element in the first place. Some also give a point of worry that giving the element an elemental reaction will give the element some unexpected super buff that will tip the power balance of each of the elements.

There is also a comment referring to how four of the different reactions are just variations of freeze in different animations which are, Airborne, Root, Ground, and Permafrost. But still many are into the idea as there are many discussions lately regarding the call for the buff of the Geo element with the element not having Elemental reaction even with the release of dendro, the said element is now slowly falling behind in use to other elements that can make very interesting and unique combination attacks.

Genshin Impact guide: how to beat golden wolflord, Genshin Impact Geo Element rework
Image via HoYoverse

Such reception and replies are a testament to how much thought and care Genshin player gives to the main gameplay of Genshin impact. It really helps Hoyoverse to have such input from real-time players that actually deal with the game firsthand into how to further improve the current game and what path to take into the future as more players start to play the game and older players decide to still continue and play as Hoyoverse brings out more and more content for the players and fans to finish.

Final Thoughts

Our thoughts on this very interesting and unique rework idea by Conspiracie is that it may work in some ways, especially on how straightforward and honestly boring it is. However, given how each of the reactions works it will need a whole lot of polishing off as the Geo element in its current state is not weak in comparison to any other element even with its ability to combine with other elements.

This means that adding the said elemental reactions to the geo element will give it a huge buff in power which will make the element so much more overpowered than the other elements possible which will lead to more problems. So although it is a very good and fun idea Hoyoverse should first look into how they can possibly apply such an idea without giving too much of a buff for the Geo element.

What are your thoughts about the Geo element rework idea shared by the Genshin Impact player? Let us know in the comments below!

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