Marvel Snap player finds an outstanding move to counter Galactus, one of the game’s deadliest card

A lapsed Galactus!

Marvel Snap has come up with so many powerful and deadliest characters in the form of cards from the Marvel Universe. Such a character is Galactus, an intergalactic being that travels across galaxies and consumes planets in search of energy for its own body. The card Galactus is considered one of the strongest cards in Marvel Snap and it has the power of destroying a location when used at a certain location by any player. 

Thus, let us look into this interesting move that has been discovered by a Marvel Snap player to counter the attack of Galactus and claim a victory against its opponent. 

Marvel Snap player successfully tricked the ability of Galactus 

ChemistResident2348 a regular player of Marvel Snap uploaded an interesting 27 seconds long video over Reddit. The Reddit post showed how the player countered the ability of Galactus used over the location, X-mansion. The player used Titania and Zero at X-mansion at the same time as the opponent used Galactus.

Surprisingly, due to the ability of Titania that is, she switches her position in the location to counter the opponent’s attack and it exactly worked against Galactus and the ability of Galactus didn’t work at all. 

Marvel Snap January 2023 Update Galactus
Image via Nuverse

Later after that exact round, when the opponent already knew that he didn’t even have a chance to stand against ChemistResident2348, the opponent treated at the very moment. The Reddit post was later reshared by the official page of Marvel Snap and fans were found discussing and praising the player by complementing the move as diabolically beautiful. Some also added by saying that they have witnessed the greatest thing in their life and will surely try this move from now onwards. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap is a card game that is based on strategies and how players utilize the cards they own. This is a big example of how a player must study their cards and make the finest deck of cards among all the cards they own. Thus, try brainstorming and making the ultimate deck of cards so that you can also defeat the best possible cards in the game. 

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