Netmarble unveils Netmarble World at the One Mount theme park in South Korea

A Netmarble-themed world!

Netmarble has recently revealed its latest theme world, Netmarble World, a collaborative effort with the Ilsan-based theme park, One Mount in South Korea. One Mount, known for its diverse cultural offerings and amusement facilities like the water park and snow park, is now transforming its existing snow park into the exciting Netmarble World.

Netmarble World opens doors to showcase the company’s IPs

Netmarble World spans three floors, each housing a party zone and an experience zone. The first floor boasts the vibrant Everyone’s Marble World Music Tour, where guests can explore the world map of Everyone’s Marble through multiple cube boxes while enjoying an entertaining music festival hosted by a DJ. This party zone offers various recreational activities and operates daily from 11:00 to 17:00 local time.

Netmarble World One Mount
Image via Netmarble on Inven

Adjacent to the party zone lies the experience zone, featuring a StoneAge World photo area, inspired by Netmarble’s RPG, featuring lifelike dinosaurs and structures inspired by the Stone Age era. The second floor has the Kuya Village. Here, interactive quiz events take place within the house-shaped structures, and participants can redeem their completed missions for exciting prizes at the MD Shop.

On the final floor, there is the Everybody’s Marble Exhibition, adorned with the captivating Aqua Arena Map, representing various Everybody’s Marble-related works and a new game map. Additionally, the floor offers diverse contents, including a Netmarble Friends photo booth.

Netmarble cover
Image via Netmarble

Yoon Hye-young, head of IP Business at Netmarble stated: “It is a meaningful opportunity to introduce Netmarble’s representative long-lived IPs to Onemount, which has many family visitors.” Overall, the Netmarble World can be seen as a refreshing way to spend time for visitors of all ages and a cool way to engage with Netmarble’s IPs.

What are your thoughts on Netmarble unveiling Netmarble World at the One Mount theme park in South Korea? Do let us know in the comments below!

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