Official Angry Birds Twitter account ‘rickroll’ the fans over an imaginary NFT project titled ‘CryptoBirdies’

A classic internet prank catches fans off-guard!

The Official Twitter account of Angry Birds has set the fans of the game up to getting trolled with a classic rickroll with a fake Angry Birds Crypto advertisement, which is an imaginary NFT project. This has linked users to Rick Astley‘s song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

For people who are unaware, Rickrolls are a very common internet meme prank, in which users are tricked into clicking a link that takes them to “Never Gonna Give You Up”. This was actually quite an elaborate setup, as they designed a whole advertisement for “Crypto Birdies”. It is a game in which players collect and hatch digital angry birds. It almost seems like they predicted the future of NFTs and Crypto is being integrated into games too.

CryptoBirdies: Fake crypto ad is a perfect equipment to draw in people

Although the original tweet is from the 1st of April, 2018, it was retweeted now. It is very relevant in today’s day and age when cryptocurrencies are pretty popular and are being integrated into games.  Many are disliking these new changes and integrations with NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as it does seem quite redundant. Such an announcement on NFT by the Angry Birds Twitter account drew fans easily into the ‘rickroll’.

Angry Birds Twitter rickroll NFT
Image via YouTube

But, the Angry Birds account, which is known for its funny and witty tweets alongside announcements, used this to its advantage in a harmless prank. Most, if not all users who clicked on the link were redirected to the YouTube page of the song and got “rickrolled”. This link was quite cleverly disguised.

That being said, such harmless yet funny pranks like these are always welcome as they give the community a chance to come together and share a laugh.

What are your thoughts on Angry Birds Twitter account attempting to rickroll their fans using an imaginary NFT project? Let us know in the comment section below.

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