Ontario Woman designs a Pokemon Go-like new game to make people move out

Experience Pokemon Go with a twist!

Pokemon Go is such a popular and interesting game that has a system where players need to get out of their comfort base and search for all kinds of Pokemons present around them. But, recently a woman from Ontario, Canada designed a very cool game that gives the exact vibe of Pokemon Go to the players with a little twist into it. 

Gotta See ‘em All helps people to know about their surroundings 

Natalie Rudkins, who is the developer of the game Gotta See ‘em All, designed the game by getting serious inspiration from Pokemon Go. In Pokemon Go, players search for different sets of Pokemons present around them, catch and later train those virtual creatures to make a strong team. Natalie just got inspired by it and wanted people to be aware of the real-life creatures which are present in their surroundings.

Pokemon Go Ontario Natalie Rudkins
Image via Natalie Rudkins

She designed the game exactly like Pokemon Go with a similar set of features as well. Natalie designed the game with 151 creatures which also has a resemblance to Pokemon Go as the first ever season of Pokemon Go had 151 Pokemons. 

As posted in the r/toronto subreddit, the developer added her words that she highly hopes this game could teach people about the things they have in their near about area. Players get a Naturedex in this game which is similar to the Pokedex that has information on around 151 species that includes several birds, insects, and plants present all over Toronto.

People have already started welcoming this new take on Pokemon Go

Fewer players are also seen around the corners of Reddit where they commented on their opinions which were found to be on the positive side. A woman was found appreciating this idea and later added that her kids will like this game. 

Gotta See ‘em All
Image via Natalie Rudkins

Gotta See ‘em all is a great initiative taken by Natalie Rudkins and this actually has the potential to make people and children familiar with their surroundings and learn a lot about their nature. The Naturedex will help the players to gain the required knowledge about those species and hence it can be very beneficial in the near future.

What are your thoughts about Gotta See ‘em All developed by Natalie Rudkins from Ontario taking inspiration from Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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