Parody mobile game ‘Selmon Bhoi’ hit with a court order for mocking Salman Khan’s hit and run case

Khan races to take down the game

Selmon Bhoi is a parody game released earlier this year on Google Play by the aptly named Parody Studios that pokes fun at Salman Khan – the famous Bollywood A-lister. Now anyone who knows about him might have heard about his hit and run case, and the blackbuck poaching case that got him into legal trouble, and a lot of flak from fans.

It seems like Parody Games picked this idea up and turned it into an endless runner set in three different worlds where you take down every living being in your way to earn points.

Salman Khan doesn’t take too kindly to the game

The game went viral not too long ago when internet users caught a whiff of it and that’s probably what brought it to Salman Khan and his legal team’s attention. They obviously didn’t see the humor in this and rushed to move the Bombay Civil Court over the game and its negative effects on Khan’s reputation.

selmon bhoi mobile game
Selmon Bhoi mobile game (image via Google Play)

The court was also quick to defend Khan and Justice KM Jaiswal said, “When the plaintiff has not given any consent for installing, preparing and running such game which is very similar to his identity and the case which was against him, certainly his right to privacy is being deprived and is… tarnishing his image”, reported LiveLaw.

According to them the images, mechanical features and make of the game give an impression that it is based on the case linked to Salman Khan. (The case in question obviously being the hit and run debacle)

Additionally, Parody Games has been temporarily restrained from “disseminating, launching, re-launching and recreating the game or any other content relating to the actor” and has been ordered to take down the game (which hasn’t happened so far as the game is still up). The Court Order can be downloaded by clicking here.

This is quite a comical situation and it seems that at least for now, all this attention seems to have favored the game that has seen a jump in downloads. This just goes to show how much celebrities like Salman Khan care about their image and how even a small game like Selmon Bhoi can do to upset their reputation.

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