Pokémon Go player finds numerous PokeStops in Poland

Pokémon Go launched way back in 2016 and gained mass popularity because of its unique gameplay. The game requires the players to travel to different locations in person in order to catch Pokémon, visit PokeStops, fight in Pokémon Gyms, and so on. Players have the chance of finding eggs, Poké Balls, and more things at these PokeStops. The distribution of these stops is not equal as some places have many of them while others barely have any PokeStops at all. So some fans of the game are quite surprised as one of them recently came across numerous number of PokeStops within a small area in Pokémon Go.

PokeStops are found more in urban areas on average in Pokémon Go

Ever since the game was released, the developers have always been inclined in providing more facilities in the urban areas as the population of their consumers is more in these places. This leaves their users in the rural areas at a disadvantage as there are way more facilities such as PokeStops and Pokémon Gyms in cities when compared to the rural areas in question.

Pokémon Go players have been complaining about these issues for a long time, especially for the unequal distribution of PokeStops in various areas. Now a Reddit user named Hj_the_boyoYT has pointed out their surprise when they came across a metropolitan location with over a hundred PokeStops within a short distance from each other. The area has been identified in downtown Gdansk which is a city on the Baltic coast in Northern Poland. The post has gone viral and has led to several players raising their concerns over the issue.

Polish fans claim these sightings are normal across Poland in Pokémon Go

Many fans are surprised, while others are disappointed about how unfair the game is for rural players. The post certainly points to numerous big issues in Pokémon Go as the area shows that it has just one Pokémon Gym while having over a hundred PokeStops. Polish fans of the game have come across and revealed that these occurrences are normal in Poland and that these issues are caused because of the misuse of the Pokémon Go Wayfarer tool in the past by numerous players.

Pokemon Go numerous PokeStops in Poland
Image via Niantic

The service had launched way back in 2019 and the rules for creating waypoints in the game were much more lenient. This facility was misused by some players who could spam submissions with no limits. This made Niantic add a hard cap to the number of waypoints per a single such grid unit about ahead later. It is also known as an S2 cell. But the damage was already done and the developers were not successful in cleaning up all the areas which were prey to the Wayfarer abuse and that caused numerous PokeStops to appear in small areas in Pokémon Go.

What are your thoughts on numerous PokeStops being found at a single area? Let us know in the comments below.

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