Pokemon GO players raise eyebrows at the Master Ball with suspicions about absurd pricing looming in

Master Ball, a boon wrapped in a hex?

Niantic recently confirmed that the iconic Master Ball is making its way to Pokemon GO, much to the delight of the fans. For those who do not know, catch any Pokémon in Pokémon GO using the Master Ball, whether it’s in the wild, on a daily adventure quest, or any. Trainers will receive a free Master Ball upon the competition of the Special Research, but hilariously indeed, this has led to players having suspicions about how this might end up with.

Master Ball might be introduced to tackle the ridiculous catch rates

With the arrival of the Master Ball, the players may have had their desire granted, but many fear that this is just the beginning of another mishap. The players of the game view Niantic’s objectives behind the addition of the Master Ball to the game as a money-grabbing opportunity even before it is introduced. The reason behind this is a shower thought shared in the r/pokemongo Reddit community.

The players believe that Niantic might lock more Pokémon behind a stupidly low catch rate, which is the introduction of the Master Ball tackles. In simple words, you create a problem and then get a solution for it. Master Balls have a 100% catch rate, which means that no matter how powerful the Pokemon that trainers try to use it on, it will always catch it.

To back up the assumption, Niantic recently moved the catch rate data to the server side, making it more difficult for data miners to unearth such information. This makes it easy to promote Master Ball as a solution for players who are afraid of missing out on top Pokemon, while also reducing the catch rates of many other Pokemon in the future.

Niantic has long been embroiled in controversy due to its monetization tactics

It is no news that the players have been protesting over Niantic’s monetization strategy, with the impending price rise on Remote Raid Passes having been received negatively. The players expressed their displeasure by listing their accounts on eBay while expressing thoughts in an open letter to the developer as well, which didn’t get a response.

Pokemon GO Master Ball
Image via Pokémon Go Hub

We will get a clear picture once the Master Ball is released and get an idea of the features. For now, these are just assumptions, so take it with a grain of salt.

What are your thoughts about the Master Ball in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below!

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