Popular streamer lodges police complaint after nude go viral on social media

The unknown hacker gained access to the CCTV cameras

A 21-year-old popular YouTuber and Streamer filed a complaint after nude videos went viral on several social media. The streamer claimed to be a victim of CCTV hacking from where the videos were collected. The unknown hacker gained access to the CCTV cameras which were installed for the YouTuber’s security. After receiving the shocking news on Monday, a case was filed with the Bandra police to investigate the matter. A report from the Times of India said that the incident took place on the 17th of November 2023 and it came into the limelight a few days later when the YouTuber found out about the CCTV breach.

Bandra Police are investing in the matter, the victim requested to remove the footage from online

The popular streamer came to know about the shocking incident of his nude going viral after receiving multiple phone calls from a friend on Saturday. The friend recognized his mother and sister in the viral video and alerted him. Residing in his apartment in Bandra (West), the cameras were installed for safety and one of them was set in his bedroom. The video shows the victim coming out of the bathroom with no clothes on while his mother and sister were watching.

The cyber team in the police station is tracking the internet protocol (IP) details with the help of technical assistance to locate the person who gained illegal access to the CCTV system. Meanwhile, a request has been sent to remove the video,” said a police officer of the Bandra police station.“The YouTuber filed the complaint after he got calls from two friends who came across the videos in which they noticed that the women were his mother and sister,” said the officer.

The police reports filed at Bandra Station stated, “The unknown person has gained illegal access to the CCTV camera that is installed in my bedroom. The video has gone viral after the person shared it on Instagram, Telegram, and other social media platforms.” Besides, the YouTuber also filed a request to remove the videos from online media.

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As the matter is surfing on the web, the streamer and victim of the case whose nude went viral is found to be an esports player with massive followers on multiple social media platforms. The complaint case was filed under sections 500, and 501 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), 1860. Besides, sections 66 (C), 66 (E), and 76 (A) of the Information Technology Act, 2000 were also charged against the unknown hacker.

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