5 Factors which resulted in the surge of the Mobile Gaming Industry in India

The gaming industry is booming with a growing urge for the mobile gaming industry in India. It is growing exponentially as compared to the other industries. Estimates from Google suggest that India’s mobile games market will be worth $1.1 billion by 2020. This can be understood by the fact that not only the global giants are switching into mobile gaming but also the Indian start-ups are coming into the picture.

Here, we are talking about 5 key factors that contributed to the boom in the mobile gaming industry in India.

1. Smartphone Penetration

The surge in the Indian online gaming industry can be seen as the number of smartphones is increasing exponentially. The study by market tracker GfK estimates more than 161 million smartphones worth over $28.5 billion were sold in 2018 in India.
The forecast by eMarketer estimated that the number of smartphone users in India was expected to grow by 15.6% to reach 337 million in 2018. It is the highest estimated growth rate posted by any country in the world.

2. Cheap Internet

A research by price comparison site Cable.co.uk showed the average price of Mobile Internet is USD 0.26 (Rs 18.5) for one gigabyte (GB) in India compares to USD 6.66 in the UK and USD 12.37 for the same amount of data in the US, the study, which compared mobile data charges in 230 countries, showed. This shows the enormous help the mobile gaming industry is getting from internet service providers.

3. Involvement of big players

Since the last decade, the Indian online gaming industry is growing into a billion-dollar opportunity for investors. It has prompted various investors and companies to back the industry with their investments and make the most of the growing opportunities.

According to the estimate of India’s Trillion Dollar Digital Opportunity by McKinsey and Co.2017, India has reached over. Moreover, the demand for online gaming is going up in India with over 250 game development companies since 2010; the number was a mere 25 at that time.

4. Spending on in-app purchases

According to AppsFlyer’s State of App Marketing in India report, India has emerged as the global leader in mobile apps with an average download of 40 apps per month. It added Indian consumers spend nearly 170 minutes per day on apps. As per the survey findings, India has seen over one billion app installs and $400 million in-app revenue, as of 2018.

5. The increased user base for Esports

mobile gaming industry in india

Esports or electronic sports are one of the prime reasons for the growing viewership in mobile gaming. One major tournament, the 2016 League of Legends World Championship finals, attracted 43 million viewers. eSports viewers spent 17.9 million hours watching their gaming heroes on those channels in the first quarter of 2018. Games like Arena of Valor and Clash Royale were played in the 2018 Asian Games and India was one of the participating countries. In the same year, India experienced its first Dream Hack event in Mumbai. After the introduction of PUBG Mobile in India, Tencent is frequently holding big tournaments that skyrocketed the mobile esports scene in India. 2019 Asian Games which is scheduled to happen from Nov 2019, will also feature Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Arena of Valor.

However, these are not all, there are many more reasons which are contributing to the growth of the Mobile Gaming Industry in India. Do let us know your opinion about it in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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