Clash Royale Reworks: are they broken?

The recent balance changes on AoE troops are unquestionably the most controversial ever. Finally, Supercell has decided to revert recent reworks. Consequently, Witch and Executioner are returning to their original state in December. Meanwhile, we need to address the problems of these changes. Are Clash Royale Reworks broken? Read below to find out.

Not enough testing from the community

The worst part about reworks are understandably the lack of testing. For instance, let’s take the Witch. Supercell has continuously buffed this card in recent months. Despite that, The Witch never broke through the meta until October. However, the buff proved to be unhealthy for the game, so it was removed. Undoubtedly, this proved that the developers are not testing enough. Clash Royale balance can easily shift with the introduction of Cards or reworks. However, poor optimization is not a solution.

No Compensation For Nerfed Cards

Nobody likes seeing nerfs on their favorite card. In addition, switching out cards from your deck is often difficult. Playing with under levelled cards is out of the question for those trying to reach competitive trophy ranges. Undoubtedly, some nerfs are heavier than others. Witch, for example, is unplayable this season. Any gold spent on this card is therefore waste. Players will have to wait for the next season to play the Witch in competitive again.

New Season introduces card boost, but..

Recently, Supercell released a video with a new Card. Additionally, they showed a “boost” that brings The Battle Healer Level to King Tower Level. However, the boost seems to affect only newly released cards. Despite helping Supercell to have wider feedback on new cards, it doesn’t solve the issue. As a matter of fact, not only the boost only lasts for the duration of the season, but also is restricted to just one card. It would be nice if players could decide which card will get boosted.

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Final Verdict

The short answer to whether Clash Royale Reworks are broken? Yes. Clash Royale needs to take a break from Monthly Balance changes. In order to improve the QoL of players, changes should be tested with challenges. For Example, instead of releasing an overpowered Witch, they could have made her into a temporary challenge. This way, all players could test her out, provide feedback and a more balanced rework. While we wait for Season 6, make sure to join our Discord for more Clash Royale discussions.

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