GamingonPhone turns 2: Building trust in content

Looking back at the 2 long years!

GamingonPhone officially became two years old this month. It’s been the craziest two years since we decided to start GamingonPhone at a time when we (Tousif and I) were still in University. You will understand the craziest past 730 days of our life if you are curious enough to read till the end of this article. It feels like just yesterday when I and Tousif discussed the idea (in our campus canteen) of building the community of mobile gamers. But on the other hand, it feels like a lifetime ago that I jumped into the startup fray. We have grown so much in the last two years in terms of viewership and coverage and building trust. And as a team, we’ve accomplished more than I ever thought imaginable as GamingonPhone turns 2.

But this wasn’t easy, every day brought new challenges to the table and we tried a different approach to tackle the situation. Failure taught us to be creative with tenacity and success taught us to be motivated. And with sheer determination, our approach was quite clear, “We are going to do this no matter what it takes.”

So much is accomplished in these two years while a lot of things need to be done. With the support from my team and with each passing day, I feel that the vision we had initially is viable and achievable within the stipulated timeframe. So many people I feel grateful for their support but still so many mountains are yet to climb.

Building a quality team

We consider cooperation as a key component of aggregate quality. Building a quality team plays a crucial role in the expansion of any organization. From the start, our focus was on building a quality team just like a family and Tousif took the responsibility to find the talent even if they don’t have any prior experience.

Passion and determination brought us all together from across the globe and everyone learned on the way. We are here to stay on this roller-coaster ride.

If I have to find one reason as to how GamingonPhone could build a family to deliver authentic news instantly, it would be clarity in decisions

We are pretty clear of our goals and finding unique ways to achieve them. As we celebrate two years of our existence, I’m happy to announce that we took a step in the direction of becoming a one-stop-shop for all Mobile Gaming-related topics.

Data plays a key role

In a market like games, understanding data plays a key role. Not only at the global level but also at the regional levels to understand the overall trajectory. Mobile gaming started to grow in the last decade and by 2017, it was growing at 19% year over year to $46.1 billion which was 42% of the market. But it lacked representation like that of PC, switch, and console. That paved the way for GamingonPhone. That’s how we function every month and its data played a crucial role in helping us reach closer to two million monthly viewership last month.

As GamingonPhone turns 2, I’m happy to see that the gaming community is recognizing mobile gamers and the flow of information has improved. Now, if try to understand gamers categorically then mobile gamers stand at 2.8 billion this year followed by 1.4 billion on PC and 0.9 billion on the console. It seems like mobile gaming is growing faster than we anticipated. This is also the first time that we used data to come out with something of this magnitude and I thank all our viewers for choosing GamingonPhone for everything related to mobile gaming.

Our struggle

Keeping everything up and running 24×7 on GamingonPhone with a full-time job in hand for both of us is hard. But it also makes it interesting and fun to keep ourselves engaged and learn new things regularly. We are following a strict schedule and sometimes the team does feel exhausted but the feeling of building something pushes us to work harder. And that’s why I’m proud of my team!

That’s the major reason why we tend to help indie developers or small-scale developers compared with big names. We understand the pain and want to help them succeed. Soon we would be rolling out a new vertical to help them grow. Stay tuned!

Growth over the months

As GamingonPhone turns 2, it’s important to take a look at the numbers that make us work diligently. As Tousif mentioned in the first year’s anniversary post, we started GamingonPhone with zero experience. But we knew that, sooner or later, gamers would come to us with quality content without much hullabaloo. While Tousif, along with fantabulous editors and writers made sure that we aren’t out of quality content, I went on for partnerships and industry relations for business opportunities. Ron on the other hand manages the finance part. Since we pay our teammates for their every contribution, we need to make sure that the business model is sustainable in the long run.

Here is a graph that shows GamingonPhone’s traffic growth over the last year. According to Alexa, GamingonPhone is currently ranked in the top 50k globally, top 10k in India. And it is just within two years!

However, it’s really tough to predict the future and we are counting on you because it’s our viewers who supported and motivated us to work. We have come this far and promise to provide all the relevant, unbiased, and genuine information in the future.

So that’s it for you all as I thought it’s important to take everyone in the loop as GamingonPhone turns 2! If you have come this far, why don’t you leave us some feedback in the comments below? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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