How the Wild Rift patch 3.3 update will change the Ranked game experience

The Ranked games scenario has changed completely!

Riot Games have planned to release the Patch 3.3 Update in League of Legends: Wild Rift on the 14th of July, 2022. Everyone is likely to see fearsome champions, updates to Elemental Rift and a new competitive experience in the Ranked game, and a Summer event with the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Update, that might involve a magical transformation.

Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Update: Major changes in Ranked Games progression

Riot Games have also decided to modify the Ranked progression. Therefore, Ranked marks will now apply to all tiers of the current queue, including Diamond plus for those, who do not know division progression is distinguished by a mark, that is earned and lost by winning and losing matches.

Each tier has a specific number of marks in the Platinum League, one needs to get 4 marks to progress to the next Rank and similarly in the Emerald league, players need to get 5 marks to progress to the next Rank, which when given an overfill will advance the division, while a deficit will regress the division.

Now, Master League and Grandmaster League are expected to have 5 marks. Furthermore dividing Leagues into 5 different tiers, the Challenger League is expected to remain the same. This has been done similarly so that passionate players will now be able to reach the Challenger League with consistent progress in the game. Although, there is no official confirmation in this regard.

Provisional games will also be removed. Riot Games is also planning to introduce new Ranked missions and rewards, so as to match the progress in Legendary Ranked League. When players achieve a rank for the first time, they will unlock a bit more content to support progress in your Ranked journey.

This is a huge change in the Ranked scenario, as several people are trying to get into the Challengers League for a long time, but the current Victory point system has made it very hard for players to reach the Challengers League. After the introduction of the marks system in Diamond League and above, players will now be able to reach Challenger League comparatively easier.

Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Update: Legendary Ranked Queue

Furthermore, there is also a major update for the Ranked experience from this patch. For several seasons now, Riot Games have got feedback that players are looking for a more serious challenge that really allows them to test their skills.

Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Update Ranked game
Image via Riot Games

In Season 6, they will be introducing Legendary Ranked, a solo-only, point-based queue. Players who are Diamond and above will unlock it, and they can jump in to earn points and advance through 6 tiers. Legendary Ranked Queue players will get more than a bit of glory, as they can unlock exclusive items and an extra skin augment to show off their climb.

Legendary Ranked will have the same season cycle as the Ranked system, but it would not be immediately enabled at the start of Season 6. Riot Games want to ensure that the pool of players is large enough for a healthy matchmaking experience, so they will release it slightly later in the season. The queue will only be available at certain hours to ensure that players will be able to find matches during those times.

Thoughts on Legendary Ranked Queue

As the Legendary Ranked queue will be solo-only, players will also not be able to see other player names until the game has ended. Although, it will be the same 5v5 match, where players will have the same role as Jungler, Mid-Laner, Baron- Laner. In Dragon lane, there will have the same ADC and Support. 

There will be 6 tiers in the Legendary Ranked Queue. Promotions and demotions will be based on Victory Points, which will be a maximum of 200, which means a player needs to cross 200 VP to advance to the next tier. The Legendary Rank will be displayed on the profile, just beside the Normal Rank. As mentioned above, players will only be able to queue in the Legendary Ranked Queue in a fixed time span.

Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Update Ranked game
Image via Riot Games

This mode will allow players to take a break from the Normal Ranked queue and they can march into Legendary League to play casually and carry out the game in a different manner, where all the players are not known to each other and there will be an element of surprise.

What are your thoughts on the change in the experience of a Ranked game in Wild Rift Patch 3.3 Update? Do you prefer to use/build him in any other, different way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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