Mobile eSports – Is it for everyone?

In 1994, the first-ever mobile game was released as a built-in version of Tetris the Hagenuk MT-2000. Now in the year 2020, the mobile gaming industry is seen as one of the biggest, most competitive forms of gaming. The best part is, it fits right into your pocket. But is that enough? Is it really that easy for anyone and everyone to join Mobile eSports?

1. Skill

Nowadays, many games have a very high skill ceiling; it is very difficult to get a good grip on some games unless you put a few hours into it. Because of this, many developers put extra focus in reducing the complexity of game concepts, in the hope that this will allow newer players to fit in quicker. The players slowly start getting better with experience, and soon they should be able to handle competitive gameplay.

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For example, the popular warfare game Call of Duty Mobile uses bots at the beginning stages of the game. These give new players the chance to practice the game mechanics without any pressure. Slowly, as the players gain more experience, the bots will begin to be replaced by real players, likely also being of the same level of experience as you in the game. At around Rank 10, the ranked mode is finally unlocked, where only real players are allowed.

This process helps players ease into a game in order to prepare them for potential ranked gameplay. The main problem with this is, the time it takes for you to actually be comfortable with the game, getting to Rank 10 in COD Mobile will most definitely be a lengthy process. This brings us nicely onto the next topic.

2. Time

Everybody knows that practice makes perfect, the more you do something, the better you get at it. A lot of famous Mobile eSports players play mobile games like a daily job. Also, eSports teams spend bonding time with each other to improve the quality of communication. A lot of casual gamers simply don’t have the time for that. It would take hours of game grinding to reach the level most eSports champions are now and many gamers don’t want to dedicate their time to this.

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Competitive gaming requires high levels of time and as said previously, even to get used to a game’s mechanics, you would need to spend quite a bit of time to do so, which a lot of people don’t have enough of. So does this make competitive gaming accessible to everyone?

3. Money

As well as physical dedication to games, you also need a bit of financial backing to get anywhere in Mobile eSports. It may not seem like it, but this type of eSports costs as much money as any other kind.

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You may need money for:

  • The actual device (obviously)
  • The cost of games, although most popular ones are free
  • Any accessories, such as headphones, gloves, finger sleeves, grips, etc. Some of these will dramatically increase your in-game performance but some come at a very hefty price.
  • A gaming set-up, many players, especially eSports players and streamers have a dedicated quiet spot decorated to their liking, where they can engross themselves into the game without any directions.
  • IAPs, a lot of competitive mobile gamers have spent money on the games they play, either for cosmetics or for a distinct advantage.
  • eSports team costs, a lot of eSports teams have special kits they were, some may even have gaming houses, the costs of this can be huge.

As you can see, competitive gaming comes at a price, obviously, not all this is necessary, if you are a relatively casual player, you could play competitive for free, but you’ll need some serious financial helping to get any further, and many people aren’t willing to spend so much more money on games.


Mobile games were though to be a way of entertaining yourself wherever you were. Now it has become an incredibly competitive gaming industry, where anyone can earn money. But is that true?

Partly, the answer is yes, you can earn money for yourself. However, you will need a lot of skill, time and maybe even some money. The more you want to earn, the more you would have to spend. The answer would also partly be no. Earning money is possible but not for everyone. You will need to practice to reach the required skill level. While doing this, you would also probably have other personal things to worry about, such as a job, or education, or family.

In conclusion, Mobile eSports is an open way to earn money but only the people willing to sacrifice their time will have the highest chance of success. Everyone else will just have to stick to Casual Gaming, and nothing can be done about that.

What’s your take on the topic is Mobile eSports for everyone? Drop your opinions in the comments section below.

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