Mobile Gaming: Dead End or the Future?

In a recent video, OGN Esports interviewed people from the esports scene regarding the future of Mobile Gaming and the competition with PC and console gaming. So don’t go anywhere, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Status quo of Mobile Gaming

What does the future hold for Mobile Gaming? In 2017 Mobile Gaming already generated more than 50% of the global games market, despite being such a young industry. Only one year later, it already came close to topping TV in terms of daily screen time.

Additionally, with increasingly capable smartphones and 5G around the corner, nearly all limitations to Mobile Gaming have vanished by now. But can Mobile Gaming keep up with PC and consoles?

Funnily, a good amount of criticism comes from people inside the Gaming scene. Quite a few gamers raised their voices asking why people would want to watch other people play Mobile Games?

“Which is really interesting to me because it’s coming from people who have had to fight against and withstand the stigma that e-sports aren’t real and that it’s not competitive.”

Matt Rutledge, Director of Mobile Gaming at compLexity Gaming

What can we expect?

Even though Mobile Games might have a few limitations in regards to control mechanics and mechanical complexity; nonetheless, they provide lots of highly strategic elements and don’t fail to create competitive gameplay.

Several cross-platform games like Hearthstone and Call of Duty have already grown to established e-Sports games. However, the vast majority of the player base playing on their phones.

Many popular organizations such as Cloud9, Fnatic and Misfits Gaming already compete in Mobile Gaming esports. And with OGN, the pioneers of e-Sports, joining the Mobile Gaming scene, many critics fell silent. Also, the release of mobile versions of A-tier games like League of Legends and PUBG proves that Mobile Gaming is ready to step into the big footsteps of PC and consoles.

“The fact that [OGN] are now going into Mobile Gaming really defines the fact that Mobile Gaming is here to stay and is here to grow”

Joanne Kang, League of Legends Referee

What Mobile Gaming really brings to the table for the future though is its accessibility. You can play anywhere you want, whenever you want; because all it takes is a few clicks on your phone – something unique PCs and consoles cannot provide.

Esports Future of Mobile Gaming
Esports keeps rising in popularity

The raw potential of viewership and player base, especially in undeveloped markets like India, just cannot be matched by any other platform. Mobile Gaming might have some flaws regarding the skill ceiling and mechanics. Still, the portability potential makes gaming across platforms a promising approach and the next big thing for esports.

Also, check out the full video from OGN for more information about Mobile Gaming and the Mobile esports scene in the future:


So, what do you think about the future of Mobile Gaming and mobile esports? Let us know in the comment section below! For more gaming news, feel free to visit us again!

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