Why Pokémon Unite should rethink the surrender option

Time for the devs to bring a change to the surrender option!

One of the controversial aspects of Pokémon UNITE is the use of the surrender button option. When somebody initiates a surrender vote, players on their team can either choose to vote yes or no. If the majority of the players on the team vote ‘yes’, then the game is immediately ended, resulting in a loss for that team. If a majority of the players do vote ‘no’, the game continues as normal.

Pokémon Unite: How to Surrender

It is advised that players do not initiate a surrender vote unless a loss is absolutely guaranteed. Before deciding to surrender, players must keep in mind that there are a few limitations to surrendering. These are:

Pokémon Unite surrender option
Image via Pokémon Unite
  • A surrender vote cannot be initiated until five minutes of the game has passed. This helps to prevent players from giving up too early.
  • Each player can only initiate a surrender vote three times each.
  • Players cannot surrender or leave a match before it begins. Once, players have reached the character select lobby, he will be punished for leaving.

After the end of five minutes, players might need to surrender. This depends on the fate of the game, which the players have predicted. The steps depend on the device you are playing on. These are:

Nintendo Switch

  • One must press + to open the game menu.
  • Pressing – will take them to settings.
  • To create a surrender vote, press the ‘X’ button.

Mobile devices (iOS/Android)

  • Press the settings icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Press the ‘surrender’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Pokémon Unite: Why players should never call it quit

In Pokémon Unite, it is important that players do not surrender, until necessary. Unlike other MOBA games, Pokémon UNITE has implemented multiple things. These include not showing the team score, the “Zapdos” objective and a “double points” mechanic. These acts have been put together to promote perseverance in-game.

Pokémon Unite surrender option
Image via Pokémon Unite

During the last two minutes of the game, the points obtained from scoring goals are doubled. This makes the last two minutes of the game the most influential by far. Even if, a team is behind, they can easily take the lead, by making one great play. To make the last two minutes even more influential, the objective “Zapdos” also spawns in the last two minutes of the game. Zapdos is an objective which when claimed by a team, gives the entire team 15 points. It stuns the entire enemy team and makes all their goals defenseless for a short period of time. Therefore, in most cases, whichever team claims Zapdos, usually ends up winning the game.

Another unique aspect of Pokémon Unite is that the score of both teams is not shown until the game is over. This is put in place so that players will be less likely to surrender prematurely.

Why The Pokemon Company should rethink about the surrender option

As a thumb rule, players should not surrender, unless their team is 500 points or more behind. Any less margin is still winnable unless your own team refuses to continue playing and continues throwing. Players should not purposefully grief their own teammates to convince them to surrender.

This is not only bad sportsmanship, but players may lose games that they could’ve otherwise won. If they play every match with all of their efforts and play them with a positive mindset to win, players will see their win rate will drastically improve.

With the increased number of trolls throughout all the ranks, it becomes a pain for many, especially for someone who tries to carry the team but does not get enough support, sometimes leading to an unnecessary surrender. This makes the game really painful. There are many instances when a surrenders and loses even though they were winning. So considering everything and the frustration of the players, it is high time for The Pokemon Company to tweak or maybe adjust some parameters for initiating surrender.

Should Pokémon Unite start to rethink the surrender option? Do let us know in the comments below.

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