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Why we need more virtual world games like The Sims Mobile

The world needs more like the Sims!

Why do we need more games like The Sims? Why not? This is a question that should’ve struck developers many times. The Sims is arguably one of the best virtual world simulation games ever, thanks to Electronic Arts. There aren’t a lot of games like it out there and that is one of the reasons it still somehow tops the list as our favorite reality simulation game both on mobile and PC.

There are times when despite being a huge fan of FPS shooters, Adventures, Sports, or even RPG games, you will often get tired of them, you’ll want a feel of something different, something relaxing, something that makes it obvious you’re playing a game but it’ll feel like you’re controlling a different version of yourself in a video game. That’s what The Sims is all about!

The Sims: Over the years

There have been a whole bunch of The Sims games focusing on the virtual world love over the years which first began with the release of the First-ever Sims game in the year 2000 followed by more than 45 predecessors plus the latest title which is The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff which came out in early 2021.

Sims mobile
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If you love to just sit and play a game where you don’t have to worry about dying, or trying dozens of times to defeat an insanely powerful boss and pass a surprisingly difficult level, then look no further than The Sims. When starting out, it can prove difficult to seek out and select which version of The Sims you want to play, seeing how there are tons of them out there.

But we advise you to start from any of The Sims released from 2010. Although we did get my hands on The Sims Busting Out which came out for PSP in 2003 and it did not disappoint. While the graphics and controls were lacking, the storyline, gameplay, and characters made it quite the adventure.

Virtual world enjoyment in the Sims

Usually what you do in The Sims is create a character amongst many others who are known as Sims and then if you like you can give that character a lot of the real-life personalities that you know you possess. Give them traits, give them a cool haircut, make them an adult or teen, put them in a relationship, single or even married with kids. There are just hundreds of possibilities to enjoy in The Sims.

If you’re a writer in real life, you could make your Sim seek out a job in the writing industry and earn a living as a writer who writes for publications and gets paid. If you put up a good attitude at work, you are likely to get a promotion at work. Your Sim (You) will write using your own personal computer, but be careful not to play video games more than you write.

Your Sim can also take up career opportunities in other industries as well. It is almost impossible for me to list all the possible careers a Sim can have in The Sims without writing a guide article of more than 5,000 words. However, despite all the cool features that are involved in The Sims, it lacks an important feature that a lot of players today have been hoping will be implemented in newer versions but it seemed EA haven’t noticed.

A glimpse of Sims Mobile
A glimpse of Sims Mobile virtual world

We believe it’s time to create a virtual community for The Sims. A community where players can interact with others using their respective Sims to chat, share drinks, watch TV and even try to have a kid together, okay maybe not too far, but such a virtual community would really take the game to the next phase.

Indeed, every The Sims game ever released has been made playable offline which is good, but considering the fact that literally every recent title is adding a multiplayer feature, maybe it’s time EA does the same with one of their most successful games ever.

The expectations that were never delivered

The Sims 4 was highly expected to arrive on mobile devices but sadly never came. Instead, we got an entirely different The Sims titled The Sims Mobile. Despite the tons of opportunities and time that a player can and will spend playing The Sims and trying out several things, you will eventually get bored of playing by yourself. That is why a virtual world of The Sims is highly encouraged by its developers. There is no official announcement from EA regarding The Sims 5, however, we can assume that there will likely not include a virtual world as well, seeing how its tradition to keep The Sims gameplay single and solo.

If EA fails to implement a virtual world in the upcoming The Sims 5 or any other games of its genre or do not implement it as an update on The Sims Mobile, then it is up to other simulation game developers to try and make the magic happen. It definitely won’t be easy considering the cross platforms between Android and iOS, but it’s possible.

Creating a virtual world of The Sims won’t only be a feature in a game, but it’ll serve as a global community that brings together lovers of the highly acclaimed simulation title.

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