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1952 is crowned as the champions of PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Bangladesh (PMCC BD) 2021

Defending champions retain their title!

1952 has wrapped up a victory in the grand finale of PUBG Mobile Campus Championship (PMCC) 2021, the most intense PUBGM ESports League in Bangladesh, has just been finished. After an outstanding show in the finale, the defending champions have been crowned as the champions. The top 16 teams from Bangladesh competed to win a total prize pool of $30,000. Fighting with giants like A1, FSGSM, and Venom Legends, 1952 has bagged the glory again!

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Bangladesh 2021

Prize Pool

This tournament features a decent amount of money for which each team will try to put their best. The total prize pool is set to $30,000, from which the champion team will bag an amount of $10,000. The runner-up team will have an amount of $5000 to put in their pockets. For the others, the rest amount will be divided.

  • Third Place: $3,200 USD
  • Fourth Place: $1,700 USD
  • Fifth Place: $1,700 USD
  • Sixth Place: $1,200 USD
  • Seventh Place: $1,200 USD
  • Eighth Place: $1,000 USD
  • Ninth Place: $1,000 USD

Teams placed from 10th to 16th will get $500 each. Additionally, the Most Valued Player (MVP) of the tournament will get $500.

Qualified teams for PMCC BD 2021

After completing the group stage, quarterfinals, and semi-finals, these 16 teams have qualified themselves for the final. All the teams didn’t have to play each stage as 8 invited teams joined the game from the quarter-finals.

  1. Venom Legends
  2. Team Instant Reaction
  3. KS Axe
  4. A1 Esports
  6. Future Station
  7. Bip Esports
  8. TRZ Esports
  9. NRZ Esports
  10. Infernal Parasite GX
  11. Excentric Infinity
  12. Xbrothers ES
  13. 1952
  14. Phantom Esports
  15. Martyrs 1971
  16. Bad Intention

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Bangladesh Season 2 2021 Finals: How it went

Day 1: The most exciting tournament in Bangladesh, PMCC BD season 2, was filled with unpredictability and intense action throughout its 15 games. Each day was scheduled with 5 matches being played and the total number of days was 3. A1 Esports showed total domination on the first day with 3 chicken dinners that secured the first position with almost double points ahead of the second team.

1952 PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Bangladesh 2021
Top-half rankings from the PMCC BD 2021

Day 2: The second day was filled with intensity and it amazed viewers to see the comebacks from some teams. Though A1 still stayed on the top, 1952, the defending champions of the first season, could secure 2nd place with a little point gap from A1. Spectators won’t forget the thrilling one-man-army show by FSGSMahine who did an 1v7 in the final circle to win a chicken dinner single-handedly.

Day 3: The ultimate day was ready to surprise the viewers as 1952 came up at the top to become victorious in the PMCC BD Season 2 Finale. A1 Esports couldn’t be the one. Venom Legends played like a true legend which got them into 3rd place. Gremlin Strom was having a bit of bad luck recently and the first day also didn’t go well for them in PMCC BD. Yet, the most loved team in Bangladesh had fulfilled the expectations from their supporters and held 4th position.

MVP and Kill Leaders

MAGNET from Team 1952 won the title of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament and got an additional $500 in his pocket. He secured 30 kills alone that has undoubtedly helped his team to become champion.

1952 PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Bangladesh 2021
MAGNET from Team 1952 was adjudged as the MVP

Despite, MAGNET being selected as the MVP, STEELSHOT from Venom Legends ranked first in the kill-board with 31 kills for himself.

After a successful finish, 1952 is looking forward to the next tournament, PUBG Mobile National Championship, to continue its reign. However, PMCC 2021 Bangladesh was a big stage to pull up some new superpowers. PUBGM fans from Bangladesh have got to know some teams that can become the next champions.

What are your opinions on 1952 becoming the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship PMCC Bangladesh Season 2 2021 Finals? Let us know in the comment section below!

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