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Asian Games 2023 esports: PUBG Mobile Format, Schedule and more

The official schedule for PUBG Mobile at the Asian Games is now out!

The Asian Games 2023 esports, a formal part of the 19th Asian Games being hosted in the city of Hangzhou in China is going to be marked as a milestone moment not only in the history of mobile esports but for all esports in general including PUBG Mobile. For the first time, esports will be included in a formal sporting event at such a scale, that is, continental, and will boost its overall popularity. The schedule has been released and one can now count the days to their favorite event.

Asian Games 2023 esports: PUBG Mobile Schedule

PUBG Mobile has consistently been one of the most popular games in the world ever since its release on the mobile platform and has developed its hefty esports ecosystem that spans several regions and includes multiple domestic and international tournaments boasting eye-catching prize pools. The game has now made its way into a traditional sporting competition via the Asian Games 2023 esports, a truly remarkable feat in itself.

Asian Games PUBG Mobile
Image via 19th Asian Games

Although in the Asian Games, PUBG Mobile will not be played under its global banner. In China and India, PUBG Mobile has its reiterated versions, namely Game For Peace and Battlegrounds Mobile India respectively. Due to the Asian Games taking place in China, the Game For Peace version will be used, also known as Peace Elite League. The official schedule as shared on the official website is as follows:

Asian Games 2023 esports: PUBG Mobile Format

Contrary to the expectations of the public, the Asian Games version of PUBG Mobile, or rather Game For Peace or GFP will not see players contest against each other in the signature battle royale mode of PUBG Mobile. Although this revelation was met with dissatisfaction from the players, there are indeed some valid reasons behind the decision.

The Asian Games, and other major international sporting events, such as the Olympics promote rapport among nations and unity, something that the officials believe will be threatened given the nature of battle royale games, that follow the principle of “kill or be killed”. Therefore, the Asian Games 2023 esports officials have decided that the element of killing will be altogether eliminated from PUBG Mobile for the contest.

PUBG Mobile Asian Games version
Image via Tencent

Instead, the game format will involve in-game athletics, such as a triathlon, car driving, obstacle races, and aim tracing, basically anything that does not include any element of violence against other players. The participating countries will each send a team of 4 to represent them, and the 4 players will be picked by whatever method the country deems necessary, it might be a panel decision, or based on a poll, and so on.


Although the reality of the event might differ from the traditional PUBG Mobile gameplay that we are familiar with, we will be getting the chance to witness a new form of competition, and as such, should receive it with open minds and criticize it after we get to see how it turns out. After all, the spirit of the event lies in the unity and oneness of the competitors above all.

Has your country shortlisted its representatives for the Asian Games? Are you content with the picks presented? Let us know in the comments below!

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