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COD Mobile Duo Drop-in Challenge 2021: Noah and Citrus emerged as winners

The duo also had the most number of kills

Call of Duty Mobile has kicked off its competitive season with a brand new invitational tournament named ‘The Duo Drop-in‘. The event was the first-ever Battle Royale Duo challenge which paired up some of the game’s best streamers and professional players from the community. The team of Noah and Citrus were crowned as the winners of the COD Mobile Duo Drop-in Challenge 2021. Although it was a surprising end to the event where both the top two teams ended up having the same number of points, the overall performance granted Noah and Citrus to become champions.

COD Mobile Duo Drop-in Invitational 2021: Final Standings

The team of Noah and Citrus had the most number of kills with 24, along with 2 victories and 3 crucial first fragging points ensured that they walked out of the event as champions. The complete standings from the event were as below:

Call Of Duty Mobile Duo Drop-in winners

Tournament format

The all Battle Royale tournament was played in Third-Perspective mode consisting of 5 rounds. Where both the killing and placement points were calculated for determining the champions.

Killing Points: Each kill awarded 3 points while the first frag granted a significant 9 points.

Placement Points: The placement points for the teams in each round were as follows:

  • 1st – 20
  • 2nd – 16
  • 3rd – 12
  • 4th – 10
  • 5th – 8
  • 6th – 6
  • 7th – 4
  • 8th – 2
  • 9 to 16th – 0

In order to maintain balance, some special items were restricted such as Tanks, Purifier, Trap Master, War machine.

Participating teams

As said earlier, each team consisted of a community streamer and a professional player. Some big names from the Call Of Duty Mobile community included Bobby, Noah, Tectonic, etc.

Below are the 16 Duo teams that competed in the event.

  • Hawks and Rozey
  • Godzly and Valor
  • Gemini and Trzan
  • Nevvado and Bougee
  • Noah and Citrus
  • Bobby and Sun
  • Tectonic and Kublai
  • Path and LittleB
  • Mihawk and Cibito
  • XtreMe and Tetillo
  • Madsix and Kingamer
  • nVoi and Maralto
  • Jim and Fantas
  • Jokesta and Rezumay
  • Aerith and Nicolee
  • Bolu and Marshy

Prize Pool

$15,000 was the total amount of the tournament, which may not be huge but at the same time enough for a community competition.

The total amount was distributed among the top 8 teams. The champions Noah and Cirus took away $6000. The team of Tectonic and Kublai took $3000 for being the runners-up, while Bobby and Sun bagged $2000 as the second runners-up prize. The remaining amount $1500, $1000, $750, $500, $250 was granted to 4-8th positioned teams.

To add spice to the event, the tournament featured an additional amount of $500 for the team who’d get the first frag (single round) and $1000 for the team to do the same in the overall tournament. The latter amount was again taken by the champions for getting 3 first fragging points.

COD Mobile Duo Drop-in Challenge is just the start

The tournament looks just a teaser more of which action is yet to come. Considering the variety of modes the game has, it opens up many options for the game for hosting its upcoming competitions, which is what it aimed with the ‘Duo Drop-in’. And, with its biggest competition, Call Of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021, approaching this June with an over $2 Million prize pool. We may get to see more minor tournaments as well in the upcoming times. The game has also announced a dedicated YouTube channel for its competitive scene.

So many things are definitely implying that the game is looking to expand its competitive scene and new things are upcoming for the players. Till now, it has been the multiplayer mode that has succeeded the game, can the game find success in the Battle Royale mode as well in the future?

What are your thoughts on Noah and Citrus being the winners of COD Mobile Duo Drop-in challenge 2021? Do let us know in the comments below!

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