eFootball International Cup 2022: Teams, Eligibility, Format, Rewards, and more

The competition kicks off on 20th October!

eFootball 2023 announces its 2nd season with The Football Festival as its theme and is scheduled to kick-start next week i.e. 20th November 2022. In light of the upcoming season, KONAMI has announced the hosting of the efootball International Cup 2022. If the developers are to be believed, this event is going to be the greatest spectacle ever in the history of Soccer Gaming.

In this article, we are going to do a detailed breakdown of the upcoming eFootball International Cup, its format, and the eligibility criteria to be a part of this grand spectacle. We would additionally be speculating on the in-game rewards that one can expect from this Event. First things first, let us understand what the efootball International Cup 2022 event is all about.

eFootball International Cup 2022: Tournament Format and Schedule

Amidst a host of other events and players that are going to be added in the upcoming season, the eFootball International Cup would surely be the stand-out event. As the competition name suggests, the efootball International Cup is going to be a nation-based competition where users would compete in the hopes of achieving national glory. They need to join with their nation or region and contribute by scoring a goal or clinching a victory.

eFootball International Cup Overview
Image via KONAMI

efootball International Cup 2022: Format

Users from all participating nations and regions will compete against one another in three categories, viz, Representative, Weekend Showdown, and, Goals Galore.

1. Representative

It is one of the three competition divisions of the efootball International Cup. The representatives of all participating Countries/Regions compete in this category. This category has been further subdivided into three phases and timelines.

eFootball International Cup Representative
Image via Konami

Online Qualifiers

The Ranking of individual participants in Online Qualifiers will be decided by their Rating in Division 1 of the eFootball League. Each participating Country/Region will have a ranking, and the top users in each Country/Region will move on to the Selection Play-offs.Only the match records from Phase 3 (beginning on October 20, 2022) will be considered.

  • Event Timeline: From 20/10/2022-19/11/2022

Selection Playoffs

This portion of the competition will be conducted as an online matchmaking Challenge Event using Authentic teams. The national team of the participant’s entry country or region shall be used. All of the competing teams’ players will receive uniform ratings. PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 will be the consoles used for the Selection Play-offs.

Participants will be evaluated and chosen to advance to the Main Tournament based on their performance and other factors. In-game communications will be used to get in touch with players who have been chosen to move on to the Main Tournament and explain the requirements for participation and get their consent.

  • Event Timeline: 19/11/2022-27/11/2022

Main Tournament

Similar to Selection Playoffs the Main Tournament will be an Online Matchmaking Challenge Event against Authentic International Sides. Two individuals from each Country/Region will be on each teamā€”one for the console and one for the mobile device. Each team will compete against the other twice, with the overall winner determined by the combined score. The Main Tournament would consist of 2 phases, Group Stage and the Knockout Stage.

Group Stage: The teams will be randomly assigned to 15 groups of three teams.
The top two teams in each group and the second-place team with the best overall match record will proceed to the knockout stage, making a total of 16 teams.

Knockout Stage: The 16 teams who made it out of the Group Stage will compete against one another in a tournament setting.

  • Event Timeline: 10/12/2022-17/12/2022

2. Weekend Showdown

Match results from the weekend in-game Event Weekend Showdown would be counted towards the ranking tally.

3. Goals Galore

Depending on their Country/Region ranking, participating users from each Country/Region will receive respective rewards.

efootball International Cup 2022: Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to take part in the eFootball International Cup, users need to ensure two things:

  • Reach Division 1 in the eFootball League Event and attain a Rating if you have not yet done that, latest by 20/10/2022.
  • Select one of the eligible Countries or Regions as your Base Team. Based on how your Base Team was set up at the beginning of the maintenance on October 20, 2022, your entry is considered complete and finalized.

If you have done these two things, you will be eligible to participate in the Online Qualifiers and bag all the in-game rewards lined up for the eFootball International Cup Event based on the performance of your participating Nation/Region. However, to proceed beyond the Online Qualifiers, you must satisfy the below criteria.

  • Be the highest-ranked player in each participating country or region for Playstation, XBOX, and Steam Slots. If you are from Japan, you can claim a Playstation and XBOX spot by finishing in the top 2.
  • Be amongst the Top 2-ranked users in each participating Country/Region for a Mobile Spot.

In the Main Tournament that kicks off in December, each team will be made up of 2 representatives (1 for console, 1 for mobile) for each Country/Region.

efootball International Cup 2022: Participating Nations

Below are the Nations that are eligible to be a part of the eFootball International Cup:

RegionParticipating Nations
Costa Rica
Republic of Korea
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Info via KONAMI

efootball International Cup 2022: Rewards

All things discussed, let us now skip to the good part. The best part is, not just the participants who proceed to the Main Tournament, every user who plays the game and sets their Base Team as one of the Eligible International sides would be receiving rewards in the form of in-game assets.

  • A total of 300 efootball Points will be distributed to every user provided their Set Team is from their Region of Residence. However, there are exceptions in the form of the UK and Asia. If you set your base team as Thailand you will not be eligible for the eFootball Points reward. Additionally, if you belong to the UK region you can claim your rewards if and only if one of England/Wales is your Set Team.
  • A total of 1 Billion eFootball Coins will be distributed amongst all users. The number of eFootball Coins that users receive would depend on the ranking of their Set Team/Base Team. You will receive the following amount of eFootball Coins depending on how well your Set country or region performs in each category:
RankingOverall RankingWeekend ShowdownGoals Galore
5th(KONAMI Prize)30,000,00015,000,00015,000,000
15th(KONAMI Prize)N.A.15,000,00015,000,000
25th(KONAMI Prize)N.A.15,000,00015,000,000
35th(KONAMI Prize)N.A.15,000,00015,000,000
Info via Konami

One must note that the table above just provides the accumulative sum total of eFootball Coins that users playing with a particular Set Team are entitled to, based on the Rankings of that side in each category. The eFootball Coins received by an individual would depend on the number of players who have chosen the same Set Team as him/her since the rewards are likely to be distributed equally.

Apart from all these, there would be Cash Rewards for individuals who make it to the Top 5 in the Main tournament.

Common FAQs on the eFootball International Cup 202

Q: Can I change my Base Team after 20th October or is the Team that I have chosen before considered final?

Yes, you can. But make sure that you set your Base Team as one of the Eligible Sides before maintenance on the 20th. Your entry will not be counted if your Base Team is set to an ineligible national team or a club team. Your rating will be calculated every Thursday at the time of the usual maintenance starting on November 17, 2022. The Base Team you selected during the previous regular maintenance will serve as the foundation for your rating.

eFootball International Cup Rating Calculation
Image via Konami

You have until the beginning of the maintenance on December 12, 2022, to alter your country or region of entry. Your configured Base Team will be taken into account as your Country/Region of entry after the 01/12/2022 maintenance, and no more changes can be made. So if you want to maximize the eFootball Coin earnings, you can always switch your Base Team during the said period by seeing the performance of each side during the previous week.

Q: Will the Main Tournament Phase be broadcasted?

Yes. You can watch the live broadcast on the official Youtube channel of eFootball.

Q: When can I expect my rewards from the eFootball International Cup?

Rewards will be given out to all eligible users during the 22/12/2022 maintenance.

Final Thoughts

After a rather disappointing and dull Season Opener, eFootball 2023 is looking to make a strong comeback in Season 2, courtesy of the eFootball International Cup. This newly announced event looks promising and is likely to bring back life and glory to what used to be one of the most popular Soccer titles just a few months back.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming eFootball International Cup 2022 in eFootball 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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